You Know Microwaves Are Bad For You But This Is What You Didn’t Know

Microwave oven are commonly used in more than 95 percent of households in America, and because of this it has become a very essential thing in the kitchen as it was stated by the Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communication, and Computation (SMECC).

At first these ovens were called and sold as ‘Radaranges’, and they have the ability to heat the food with the help of electromagnetic waves which actually make the molecules to move inside the food when the waves pass through it. They can go fast like the speed of light and are electromagnetic energy.

These ovens can produce energy with the help of the magnetron that they have and it changes the polarity of the molecules into negative. Inside the microwave oven this polarity of the molecules converts millions of times in one second.

So these electromagnetic waves have an impact on the food molecules and they make the polarized molecule to radiate millions of times each second.

And during this process the food gets heated but this also has a negative effect on the food molecules called ‘structural isomerism’, meaning that it also cause damage in the food molecules.

We have a statement of a famous we entrepreneur, osteopathic physician and an alternative medicine proponent- Dr. Joseph M. Mercola:

  • The food that you put inside the microwave oven absorbs them because they bounce around in the oven.

Water molecules actually rotate very fast inside the microwave oven and the food heats up due to the caused molecular friction caused by the high frequencies. And this process also reduces the nutrients inside the food and changes the molecular friction.

One study was conducted by a Swiss biologist and food scientists – Dr. Hans Hertel and he investigated the effects of the food from the microwave oven. People who participated in this study were separated in three groups, one who ate raw foods, one who consumed conventionally cooked foods and one who ate microwaved foods in the period of 8 weeks.

And after the meals, their blood was tested and the results proved that microwaved food caused major changes in the blood chemistry.

Hans Hertel says that this type of harsh and violent power cannot be resisted by any cells, molecules or atoms, not even for a small period of time or smaller range of energy of milliwatts…

  • And in this way the food is heated, by causing friction from the violent power in the water molecules. They are ripped and are changed in the molecules’ structure and this also damages them and reduces their quality.

Microwave ovens function with the water molecules from food, and because of this not every food is heated evenly, because of difference of water amount in its content.

One research has been conducted to see how the microwave oven affects the breast milk at the Stanford University – and it showed that when the breast milk is heated in the microwave oven, even at the lowest setting, the significant capabilities of breast milk against diseases are destroyed.

There are many more changes that are caused in the breast milk other than making it warm when it is microwaved.

There was one case in Oklahoma hospital in 1991, in which the patient got blood which was heated in the microwave oven and later died. The family sued the hospital.

Because the microwave oven can damage our health, in Russia it has been banned since 1976.

Here are some damaging effects of the microwave ovens:

  • The food that was heated in the microwave oven is not healthy anymore, because it has lost most of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • When we eat microwaved food, it can lead to permanent brain damage because it transfers electrical impulses in the brain.
  • The amino acids from cereal grains and milk are made to be carcinogens when heated in the microwave oven.
  • Also defrosting frozen fruit can make the galactoside and glucoside fractions to be carcinogens.
  • The microwaved food can damage the immune system because the serum and the lymph gland suffer some changes.
  • This food can also create more cancerous cells in our blood.
  • Food heated in the microwave oven can cause intestinal and stomach cancerous growths (tumors), and due to this also increase the colon cancer rate.
  • Even just a little time in the microwave can turn the alkaloids of the frozen, cooked or raw vegetables into carcinogens.
  • It can also be the reason for emotional instability, loss of memory, poor concentration and reduce the intelligence.

In 1992 in the Microwave Oven, was published the Comparative Study of Food Prepared Conventionally, by Raum & Zelt which stated that:

It is not avoidable the production of unnatural molecules. There have been noticed some undergo isomeric changes-which are shape morphing changes in the naturally occurring amino acids; and also the affect from the microwave ovens can transform them in toxic forms.

One research has discovered important and damaging blood changes in the participants who ate vegetables and milk processed in microwave ovens. In this study participated 8 individuals who consumed the same food but just cooked differently.

There were some significant changes noticed in the participants’ blood caused by the food which has been heated in the microwave oven. Other changes that were noticed were also higher levels of cholesterol, lower levels of white cell and also decreased level of hemoglobin.

The lymphocytes were also noticed to decrease. In order to discover the energetic changes in the blood they used luminescent – light emitting bacteria. And they found out high increase of the bacteria when it was in contact with the blood serum gotten from microwaved food consumption.

And here the conclusion and also the opinion of many scientists and experts in which they state that they cause numerous diseases like cancer and are highly dangerous to our health.

The microwave ovens make the immune system weaker and destroy the nutrients in the food. So you should avoid using microwave ovens to prepare your food.