This Japanese Breathing Technique Will Help You Lose Stomach Fat Fast!

An incredible method and a true story. This man, the famous Japanese actor Miki Ryosuke found a natural method how to get rid of excess body weight.

By doctor’s recommendation after complaining of back pain, the actor was advised to try this particularly easy exercise every day in order to get rid of the pain. He performed the exercise for several weeks and manages to lose 28.7 pounds and 4.7 inches from his waist. Miki called the technique a long-breathing diet. Stand up, take a three second breath and strongly exhale in duration of seven seconds.

Is this really helpful?

According to Marcelle Pick, an OB/GYN NP this is not quite an exercise but is a good start up for beginners who can use the benefits from deep breathing in almost every exercise. The body is gaining great level of oxygen with the help of deep breathing, while the oxygen absorbs the nutrients and helps the body to get rid of the excess weight.

Also there are confirmative results from the recent stud conducted at the Hampton University in which combination of deep breathing and yoga has helped overweight teens to lose weight.

The study was performed with sixty participants divided in two groups. The first group had to do for 40 minutes yoga exercises with deep breathing four times a week in duration of twelve weeks.

The second group was doing the regular routine. The results showed that the group in which participants had to do yoga with deep breathing lost 6 pounds on average level not making any restrictions on calories.

How To Perform The Exercise

1. Put one leg forward and one at the other back.
2. Transfer your weight to your back food by straining the glute muscle.
3. In a slow motion inhale for three seconds and in the same time raise your arms above your head.
4. Strain all of your muscles while exhale weightily but carefully for 7 seconds
Do this exercise for 2-10 minutes every day.

This will provide your body with more oxygen that will help you to burn fat fast, and will give you strength muscles and increased metabolism.

In addition watch the video for better explanation:

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