If You Blow On Your Thumb, Here’s The Effect It Will Have On Your Body

Our body system is odd. If one part starts hurting, another medical issue is resolved out of nowhere, and contrariwise. You can try one of these tricks when you have a sore throat, stuffy nose or any other problem that we encounter on daily basis.

Your body can beat any illness, worry or pain by simply putting pressure on certain places, sidetracking the mind and employing many other useful hacks.

A sore throat is not a problem anymore

A cup of tea or a salt water mouthwash can give you momentary alleviation – but, when you have a sore throat it seems like there is nothing that could really soften the irritation. Scott Schaffer, M.D., president of an ear, nose, and throat specialty center, revealed the secret of a durable throat relief. He says that you only need to scrape your ear! He explained that you create a reflex in the throat that can cause a muscle cramp by stimulating the ear nerves. This muscle cramp alleviates the irritation.

Calm your nerves

When you are stressed out and you look for a way to relax, just splash cold water on your face. Holding your breath combined with the cold water will deceive your brain into employing the “mammalian diving reflex”. This will make your brain use oxygen more efficiently and that will relax you. As “WebMD” claims, stress relief and cold water have a long-lasting bond – they say that even drinking a glass of cold water can calm your nerves. So, next time you feel a need to “chill out” try this trick!

Let the fear of needles go!

If you lose your courage whenever you see needles, try distracting yourself! You can achieve this when, for example, the nurse is about to inject the needle, cough a little. This will completely distract your mind. But let the nurse know your plan to avoid any unexpected complications.

Deal with your stuffy nose

An alternative way to drain a stuffy nose is to press your tongue to the palate and at the same time press one finger against each eyebrow. The force against your nasal bone will loosen the snot. After 20 seconds deep breaths won’t be a problem anymore!

No more burn scars

In a case of a bad burn, mildly press your finger pads against the burned area. This hack will help your body to come back to body temperature slower and that will prevent the vesicles. Your skin will heal naturally and there would be no noticeable scars!

Forget about your toothache

At the moment you start to feel the pain, put an ice on the back of your hand and rub it back and forth on the area between your thumb and your index finger since that is the place where the nerve pathways that run pain signals from the face to the brain are located. The cold temperature will block those signals and soon you will forget about your toothache!

Kill off the nervousness

We all know the feeling when something big is about to happen, you are happy but all you can think off are the butterflies in your stomach! Don’t worry! You just need to blow on your thumb. Doing so will adjust your breathing and slow your heartbeat. No more butterflies!

Put your migraine in the past

If you try the ancient approach of using pressure point, you’ll put your worst migraine in the past. You need to use your thumb and forefinger to apply pressure to the area between your other thumb and forefinger. Press and hold for two minutes on each side and at the same time, twist your fingers in a circular direction. Your blood will flow out of your head and that will alleviate your pain.

Try them!

These hacks will definitely make your life easier! You will enhance your life quality by using them. It is only left to share them with your loved ones because everybody can use these easy but extremely important life tricks!