If Anyone You Know Buys Almond Milk, Tell Them To Stop – Here’s Why

Almonds contain many nutrients and are very healthy to consume. They are rich with antioxidants, beneficial phenols, flavoniods, protein and healthy fats.

So it is recommended to incorporate almonds in your diet and they will boost your energy and protect your health. Many people eat almonds because of all the healthy benefits and consider them to be healthier than dairy, but this is not entirely true, because almond milk is not very healthy and beneficial.

Almond milk, purchased in the store contains more additives, sweeteners and water than it actually contains almonds. The true content is that a handful of almonds is contained in a carton of almond milk.

In the UK, it was discovered that the brand of almond milk – Alpro contains only 2% of almonds and many unhealthy things like sweeteners, carrageenan (thickening agent), added vitamins A, E and D and water.

Because of this low content of almonds, you will have to consume an entire carton if you want to intake all the needed nutrients. Due to this content almond milk is very low in calories about 30 calories in one cup of milk as opposed to 160 calories that a serving of almonds contain. And the price for almond milk is only 4 dollars for ½ a gallon.

These informations about almond milk content are not published because of the almond milk industry’s profits.

White Wave, which is a plant-based milk company, confirmed that their sales went up for about 50 percent in the first three months in 2014 compared to the sales from the totals of the previous year. And because of this growth in sales, the total expected profit is about 1.7 billion dollars.

As we mentioned previously, the almond milk contains carrageenan – a thickening agent, which has been related to inflammation in the digestive system.

So because of all these facts, we recommend you to start making your own almond milk, and not to purchase the store almond milk, because it is not real almond milk, it is only a mixture of a several almonds, water, sweeteners and additives. By making your own almond milk you can throw out the additives and sweeteners and put more almonds in the milk and it will contain more nutrients.

Here is how to prepare your almond milk, it is very simple and easy. Take a few almonds and put them in water to stay during the night. Use organic and raw almonds. In the morning use a blender to mix them with 3 cups of water. After strain the blended mixture, put them in a big jar and store in the fridge for about 3 days.

This homemade natural almond milk is much more beneficial and has more nutrients than the bought one. If you want you can also put vanilla extracts or cinnamon for better taste. Enjoy!