Ice Cream Should Be Eaten In Winter – Here’s Why!

When we think of ice cream, it automatically associates us with the summer heat, because this delicious dessert is normally consumed when hot in order to chill us and in winter, we avoid it. But such a thing is not needed because ice cream can be eaten throughout the year regardless of the outside temperatures.

Scientists recommend consumption of ice cream more during the winter than in the summer and this is because the differences of temperatures between our body and the environment. Yet there are other studies that show the opposite, and it is that it is not good throughout the winter to eat ice cream because it can cause inflammation of the throat and tonsils.

Doctors say that by eating ice cream in the winter you cannot get a sore throat or tonsils. This situation occurs because of a viral or bacterial infection that is transmitted through dirty hands, toys that children put in their mouths and so on.

Is eating ice cream is recommended when we have a sore throat?

Doctors say eating ice cream when we have a sore throat is all right because his coldness, can help reduce symptoms, temperature, and hence the sore throat. Also, in the list of positive actions of ice cream, need to be put also its therapeutic actions. Ice cream can constrict the blood vessels and thus prevent inflammation. However, the consumption of this delicious dessert needs to be moderate because large quantities can lead to obesity.

In addition, we present a homemade recipe for preparing the ice cream.

Ingredients (for 4 balls)

  • 1 banana
  • Several strawberries
  • Petals of fresh mint


First, freeze strawberries and bananas, then remove from the refrigerator and leave them a few minutes out so you can mix them (but still remain frozen). Blend until you get a thick paste, if necessary, you can add a little water. Add the petals and mint and stir again. Place the mixture to a bowl, Align and reinsert it into the freezer. Leave it until it becomes firm but not to firm so it still can be taken from a spoon.