I Drank Magnesium for 7 Days, Here’s Why it was the Best Decision Ever

Having a lack of magnesium is not very unusual issue, and statistics prove that about 80% of people suffer from lack in magnesium in the organism.

We can also add that only 25% of the adults in America intake the needed amount of magnesium on a daily basis, which is 400 to 420 mg for males and 310 to 320 mg for females.

But, unfortunately many health problems can occur as a result of magnesium deficiency in the body.

Our food that we consume, does not contain all the required nutrients and due to this numerous people have magnesium deficiency. This happens due to today’s cultivating rehearses and also other things that contribute to it, such as consuming fizzy drinks and anxiety too.

Magnesium is required for every organ and every process that happens in the body in order to function in a proper way, and as a result of this many people have started using supplements in order to regulate the levels of magnesium.

This has made the magnesium supplements very popular these days and people who use them have noticed amazing improvements in their health condition.

Sleeping disorder and anxiety are considered as the two primary negative outcomes of magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium has the ability to relax the body, so that it can have a proper rest and it is also needed for the primary nervous system.

So, you should start with ½ a teaspoon and raise the measure bit by bit, in order to hinder constipation and diarrhea. It is also essential to achieve an ionic magnesium shape, because it can ameliorate bioavailability.

The Natural Vitality’s pamphlet explained it on their product: there is a charge present in the component of ionic mineral, whether it is negative or positive.

This proves that there is probably one or several number or a fewer amounts of electrons. This is what actually makes the component to attach to water molecules, and it makes it easier for digestion.

All you need to do is dissolve ½ a teaspoon of this powder in some hot temp water, because the hot water has the ability to accelerate the compound reaction which needs to bond the citrus extract and magnesium carbonate together in order to produce magnesium citrate.

Drink it as soon as the bubbling stops, and the best time for this is before going to sleep. To enrich the flavor you can also include some lemon.

You need to remember that the organism has the ability to proceed limited amount at once of any nutrient that you take, so it will take some time to bring the levels back up and eliminate the side-effects.

Here are the outcomes of consuming magnesium supplements on a daily basis for a week:

1st Day: there are no big changes on the first day, but you will sleep better.

2nd Day: you will sleep better, and also feel calmer than before.

3rd Day: the sleep is even better and wake up with an amazing mood

4th Day: you will experience a smooth sleep and go through a tension free day.

5th Day: you won’t worry about anything and feel more energized.

6th Day: you will have an amazing energy and go through an uninterrupted 8 hour sleep

7th Day: this day you will be a completely changed person! Energized, upbeat, calm and relaxed! After a week you can increase the amount to 2 teaspoons on a daily basis.

Source: theheartysoul.com