Here’s What Oncologists Won’t Tell You About Essential Oils

The latest studies that were done about essential oils and their abilities, have proven that some of them can naturally cure cancer.

Our body has a frequency that it resonates, it resonates from 62 to 79 MHz, and according to the studies diseases appear mostly at 58 MHz. And scientists reported that negative thoughts are decreasing this frequency by 12 MHz, and the positive thoughts elevate it by 10 MHz.

Knowing this, there are many things and even thoughts that can affect our overall health in a negative way, without us knowing about.

As we mentioned above, the studies have shown that we can naturally fight against cancer and prevent from it with some essential oils, due to their powerful antibacterial properties, and due to their ability to regulate our frequency that our body resonates on.

Bruce Tainio is a scientist that was involved in these studies, and he was the one that invented the Calibrated Frequency Monitor that can measure the essential oil’s frequency and how it is affecting our body. Also another scientist, M. Suhail reported that once the nucleus of the cells in our DNA are corrupted, cancer is starting to develop.

But we can correct this and repair our code with the use of essential oils and successfully improve our chances against this deadly and horrifying disease.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you ever want to use some essential oil then you must make sure they have a therapeutic grade. Because the oils that are available to us on the market are mostly mixed and have a low quality and they also have alcohol and other additives.

So, if you want to use some essential oil make sure you find a trusted source, because that is the only way you will know the oil is pure.

There is a book from R. O. Becker -- “The Body Electric”, in which he tells how our overall health is determined by our electronic frequency.

Even Nikola Tesla knew that we can become resistant to some ailments by removing outside frequencies. And Dr. Otto Warburg found out in the past century that every cell in our body has its own electrical and specific voltage that can change and sometimes even be reduced from different factors, and trigger this terrible disease cancer.

But with the latest studies it was also proven that diseases that have low frequencies can be destroyed by the use of essential oils with higher frequencies.

Below we will show you a list of the oils that were used in the studies and their electrical frequencies:

  • Lavender -- 118 MHz
  • Peppermint -- 78 MHz
  • Helichrysum -- 181 MHz
  • Sandalwood -- 96 MHz
  • Rose -- 320 MHz
  • Frankincense -- 147 MHz
  • Angelica 85 MHz
  • Juniper -- 98 MHz

Essential Oils & Their Healing Abilities

During the studies, chamomile, jasmine, thyme and cinnamon oil came up with the best results to fight against breast cancer and destroy its cells. The thyme destroyed up to 97% of the cancer cells, while on the other hand the chamomile destroyed up to 93% of the cells.

During the research it was also discovered that the chamomile oil has one of the strongest antioxidant properties, and that is why the oil was that much effective in the fight against the cancer cells.

There were 11 essential oils that were examined in the studies, including winter savory, sage, peppermint, sweet fennel, bitter, chamomile, thyme and lavender oil.

Frankincense Oil

This oil according to M. Suhail, has the ability to separate the nucleus from the cancer cell from its cytoplasm and make it unable to reproduce. This oil is able to do that because of an ingredient that contains, called monoterpenes, and they are the most effective in destroying cancer cells.

This oil is cytotoxic, it means that it’s not harming the healthy cells. Also the oil is effective in every stage of cancer.

Here are a few examples below how this oil helped different patients with different types of cancer during the researches:

A Child with Brain Cancer

During the studies there was a 5 year old girl who was suffering from brain cancer, and that was the toughest case. After trying every option, her parents decided to give her a mix of sandalwood and frankincense oil.

They were putting lavender oil on her wrist, and also rubbing the mixture of the sandalwood and frankincense oil on her feet. After a couple of months, the tests showed that the girl was 100% cancer free.

End-Stage Liver Cancer Patient

In the study there was also a patient that was suffering from liver cancer in the end-stage, and doctors told him that he had only a couple of months left to live. The tumor was very large, and doctors were unable to operate it, so the patient decided to give the frankincense oil a try.

He was rubbing it topically on the are of the liver, and he would also put a few drops of it under his tongue. And the next time he visited the doctors, the size of the tumor was reduced. He continued to use this oil until the size of the tumor was reduced enough for the doctors to be able to operate it. Then his tumor was removed and now he is living a happy and cancer free life.

Stage -- 4 Cancer Patient

There was a woman who was diagnosed with a lung cancer, stage-4. And the cancer was already spread to other organs of her body.

She didn’t want to go to chemotherapy or to have a surgery, so she started using the oil topically on every area where the cancer was present. She applied the oil every 3 hours and she was diagnosed cancer free after 7 months of use.

Bladder Cancer Patient

Also there was another woman who was suffering from bladder cancer, her name is Jackie Hogan, and she needed to go under surgery and her bladder needed to be removed.

But she decided to give this essential oil a try, and after a couple of months of applying a mixture of sandalwood and frankincense oil topically on the area of the bladder, she was also diagnosed cancer free.

Cervical Cancer Patient

A woman was only given a couple of months to live because of cervical cancer, but the powers of the frankincense oil helped her to defeat the cancer and relieve from this disease in only a few months.

Breast Cancer Patient

There was one more patient, a woman who was suffering from advanced breast cancer, and she was using the mixture of lemongrass and frankincense oil, and this mixture helped her to defeat the disease in a few months as well.

There were also many other patients who were using these essential oils in order to relieve from this terrible disease, and they succeeded because of the remarkable abilities of these oils.

These oils have a very high electrical frequency, so that means that they have the ability to defeat almost every disease, as you can see even the deadliest ones!