Here is Why the GMO Pineapple is Approved by the FDA and the Damage It Can Do if You Consume It!

Even though the awareness about GMO foods and their harmful effect’s increases by the day, the FDA does almost nothing to protect us.

The US Food and Drug Association, whose function is to test and approve all the products placed upon the market, does not deploy thorough safety tests.

Many genetically engineered foods bear the label “substantial equivalence”, which implies that these foods are GMO but very close in taste and appearance to their original, un-engineered counterparts. The label also means that no independent safety tests have been conducted by the FDA.

The same thing happened with the new genetically engineered pineapple. The Del Monte Foods company’s newest product was approved as ‘safe for consumption’ by the FDA without any additional testing. The label was applied based only on the reports and data received from the producer.

This reckless attitude by the FDA is very dangerous. Considering the fact that many people rely on FDA’s labels, the GMO pineapple will be consumed by millions of people, creating potential health problems.

So, what is there to know about this GMO fruit?

The new type of pineapple is certainly going to be appealing. It is going to be grown in Costa Rica, and it is going to be – pink!

According to the documentation obtained from FDA, this new product from Del Monte Foods has gone through the process of genetical engineering in order reduce the enzyme levels found in standard (yellow) pineapples. These natural enzymes change the pink colored pigment lycopene, also found in watermelons and tomatoes, into beta-carotene, which is yellow.

The manufacturer claims that the pink pineapple is completely safe for consumption. However, is the very process of genetical engineering safe? Are there any long-term consequences if GMO foods are consumed on a daily basis?

On the surface, this is just changing the color of a fruit. But underneath, there are significant artificial changes, which can result in serious health problems, including allergies and various types of cancer.

NBS News reported that FDA ignored the warnings about the possible danger from consuming this food and discarded the idea for independent safety testing as unnecessary, claiming that the documentation and information received from the producer is solid and reliable.

The report states that this new product will bear the label “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple,” with no other labels or indications about its GMO altered structure.

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