Here Is What Else You Can Use Deodorant For, Aside for Anti-Sweating

Both deodorants and antiperspirants are a great way to prevent sweating, and are mostly recommended for people that sweat a lot, or have a problem with sweating. These products are mostly used on the armpits.

However, aside from the armpits, deodorants can be used for other body parts as well.

NOTE: Always pick deodorants, which have natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, and not ones, which contain harmful chemicals.

1. Sweaty, sticky hands

If your hands are constantly sweating, apply deodorant. This way, you won’t have the feeling of sticky moist on your hands, and you’ll definitely experience a confidence boost!

2. If your new shoes cause blisters

It is a very common problem where the new shoes cause blisters on your legs which are often painful and uncomfortable. In order to stop this unwanted condition, apply deodorant on your feet and some gauze on the place where the shoes cause the biggest problem.

3. If you have cuts on your leg from the new razor blade

Not paying much attention when shaving your legs can cause small wounds, cuts and irritation. In order to prevent them, apply deodorant.

4. Your glasses are slipping off your nose?

Apply some deodorant on the bridge of the glasses and this will stop them from slipping and sliding off your nose on wet and hot days.

5. If you’re sweating under the breasts

Women with bigger breasts usually sweat underneath and this causes bacteria to build up, which can result in inflammation or irritation. In order to avoid this problem, apply deodorant under the breasts.

6. Unpleasant feet odor

Before going to bed and after showering, apply deodorant on your feet. This way, you’ll keep them fresh and dry.

If you have any of the problems mentioned above, feel free to use these simple deodorant tips and tricks to prevent these unwanted situations.