Here is What Drinking Coffee on an Empty Stomach Does to Your Body

We all love coffee and know its many health benefits, but is it wise to consume it on an empty stomach?

Research has found that drinking coffee first thing on the morning triggers the release of a harmful acid, called hydrochloric acid, in the digestive system. This acid obstructs the digestion and decomposition of proteins, which can cause serious problems in the digestive tract. Such problems include bowel irritation, bloating, even colon cancer.

Another reason to avoid consumption of coffee before you eat anything else is the following fact: coffee leads to a fast rise to the cortisol levels, a hormone that is responsible for alertness, as well as regulation of the biological clock. The body needs a lot of time to stabilize after such sharp rise, which can be very harmful.

And last, but not least, the intake of coffee when you wake up will increase the acid level in the stomach, which can result in bloating or even vomiting.

In order to avoid these adverse effects of coffee and benefit from its many health properties, try eating something before, for instance, half an apple or a bowl of cereals. Alternatively add some milk to your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy it safely!

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