Here Is How To Recognize If Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is A Fake

The Himalayan Salt Lamp looks really magically on first sight. But you cannot recognize immediately if it is real or fake. The real one looks even more amazingly.
Their ‘job’ is to improve your mental clarity, cleanse the air in the room, help to get better sleep, and lots of other things.

The benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp have put it at high risk for counterfeiters. Here we will give you 5 things that you should consider in order not to get deceived and to protect yourself.

5 signs that the Himalayan Salt Lamp is not real

1. It’s white and it doesn’t cost much

White Himalayan Salt is more difficult to find than the pink one. Because of this white Himalayan salt lamps do cost even two or three times more than the pink one. If you look for it online you will see that it can go upward of $50.

What can you expect if you pay more online? Aside from rarity of the lamp, white Himalayan salt lamps are better for detoxification and healing.

2. It weighs a lot… but still can emit light perfectly

When the genuine Himalayan salt lamp is over 20 pounds, it doesn’t emit light on the constant way. That is simply how the Himalayan is. If you do have a bigger lamp than this, and it emits steady light, then you should definitely know that it is not a just Himalayan salt lamp, it is something else.

3. It cannot be broken

The Himalayan salt lamps are breakable, especially the white type. So if you notice that yours is indestructible in case it falls or you notice that during shipping the box has been damaged but the lamp is in perfect condition, you should know that it is not Himalayan salt lamp.

4. The lamp moistures fine

The manufacturers of the genuine Himalayan salt lamp specifically recommend for the lamp to be put in a dry, cool area. If it is in not placed in a dry place it will absorb the moisture from the place and start to shrink.

If you are not sure if your lamp is genuine you can try rubbing the lamp with a wet cloth, and the genuine lamp will look like it is ‘weeping’ and you will see discoloration on it. If this doesn’t appear on your lamp it is not a genuine Himalayan salt lamp.

5. If there is no change

The Himalayan salt lamp cannot solve all your problems, but there should be some changes to your life after using the lamp for some time, such as:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved depression
  • Reduced asthma symptoms or allergy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced stress

We can say that the happiest people in the world are the miners of Himalayan salt. So if you have bought a Himalayan salt lamp and you do not notice any changes it is probably mixed together with fluoride, which is not something that happens rarely. So before you buy your Himalayan salt lamp, inform yourself well in order not to be a victim of counterfeiters.