Here Is How To Prevent The Deadliest Of All Types Of Cancer – Pancreas Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is probably the deadliest cancer type of all, and it is up to science to discover all the reasons for it. Up until today it is known that red meat and meat products are connected to the appearance of pancreatic cancer.

Consuming one sausage or two slices of bacon daily increases the risk for pancreatic cancer for 19%, comparing with men avoid consuming processed meat. The risk increases for even 29% if they consume just 120 grams of red meat.

Pancreatic cancer develops with rapid speed and in 2015, 4000 people have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer has the higher number of mortality rate than any other cancer due to the fact that it is rarely discovered in an early stage. The percentage is that 74% of people with pancreatic cancer die in the first twelve months after they are diagnosed and the chance for them to survive the next five years is just 7%.

The journal BMC Medicine published a study, which has been conducted in 2013. This study calculated the frequency of occurrence of pancreatic cancer among participants who consumed red meat, processed meat and poultry. The results proved a connection with cancer and cardiovascular disease and eating processed meat.

But these results do not apply for unprocessed meat and poultry. Processed meat is connected with the highest number of deaths, and the mortality rate can be decreased for 3.3% if we consumed no more than 20 grams of processed meat a day.

The main reason for the unhealthy properties of red meat is that it is full with nitrates. Nitrates are a preservative responsible for the red color of meat. Many researchers have stated that nitrates are the only to blame for the development of cancer, and why consuming processed meat increases the risk for pancreatic cancer and other types of cancer.

But experts still try to find potential reasons for the increased number of people diagnosed with cancer. They still need to study the connection of processed meat and cancer of pancreas. The thing we can do in order to protect our health is to improve out diet and try to eat only healthy food.

More studies need to be conducted to prove that processed meat is the main and only reason for pancreatic cancer.

Good health comes from good and healthy food. Consume fresh and healthy products but from time to time you can taste some processed meat, like sausages or bacon.