Here Is How To Practice This Old Japanese Self-Relaxation Technique To Reduce Stress And Start Enjoying Your Life!

Stress can be the main reason for many serious medical conditions. This has been proved in a study which found a connection among stress and many physical and emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, weakened immune system, stroke, increased blood pressure, vomiting, nausea, heart attack and many more serious medical conditions.

Sadly, stress has become a routine in modern lifestyle. But if you cannot reduce the level of stress you are experiencing it will lead to a serious impact on your health.

There are many possibilities that can help you reduce stress such as massage, yoga, music, meditation and exercise. We can also recommend a Japanese self-relaxation technique for reducing stress quickly and effectively. It is very simple and you will only need 5 minutes.

Japanese consider that every finger is connected to a particular emotion or feeling.

  • The Thumb can decrease the feelings of anxiety and worry.
  • The Index finger can help you control your fears.
  • The Middle finger can manage rage and bitterness.
  • The Ring finger can help you control melancholy and depression.
  • The Little finger increases optimism and self-esteem and decreases stress.

How to perform this technique:

This technique aims to make stability between the opposing energy forces. First grab any finger to start with, and put another finger around it. Keep each finger for one or two fingers till you sense the pulse.

If you want to experience deeper state of relaxation, you should apply pressure on the center of the palm with your other hand’s thumb and press for a while.
Practicing this Japanese technique can treat your stress, make you relax and create a balance.

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