My Friend’s House Always Smells Amazing! When She Showed Me This Awesome Trick… I Still Can Believe It!

The house of my friend always has an incredible smell! I discovered her secret and could not believe it!
We frequently purchase various items, for example, various deodorizing products and scented candles with a specific end goal to make our home odor fresh and lovely.

In any case, most of these products are really dangerous and full with chemicals. So if you want to protect the health of your lungs and your family’s, you should look for other natural alternative.

Here we will show you an astonishing video that will enable you to supplant all commercial, costly and unsafe air fresheners.

The needed ingredients for this are – baking soda, Mason jar with a tin lid, hammer, empty candle light container, fork and some essential oil.

This remarkable procedure is ideal for your bedroom, family room and bathroom. By utilizing a warm water and cleanser, clean the light holder from the remains.

The following instruction is to add some baking soda in the holder, also put 10 drops of your most loved essential oil and blend it well with the fork. You can put the tea candle in the middle of the container.

Pull tight the lid of the jar at then make 5-7 gaps utilizing hammer and screwdriver.

Reveal then rehash precisely the same with the baking soda and the essential oil. Close the cover tightly when it is prepared and you’re stunning air freshener will dispatch lovely and phenomenal smell.