How to Find Out what’s Making Your Stomach Hurt Using this ‘Belly Map’

Stomachache is a common problem and it can be manifested in different forms. Abdominal pain is not usually a sign of severe medical condition, but it is the way that your body tells you that there is something wrong.

If you suffer from stomach pain, it can be the sign that you may have any of these conditions, depending on where the pain is located and the type of pain:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Pancreatitis
  • Gallstones
  • Kidney stones
  • Constipation

Whenever you feel pain or crams, you need to be sure what is the cause for this pain to appear. Sometimes it is just caused by the food that you have consumed and it can cause inflammation, intestinal swelling and stomach lining. Drinking a lot of alcohol can also lead to this problem.

Also, stomach pain can appear as a result to allergies or a virus threat.

Fatty foods can also cause irritation of the stomach.

When you suffer from abdominal pain it can trigger more issues like: increase in bowel movements, chills, belching, vomiting, nausea, gas, and heartburn.

So if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor immediately so that he gives you a proper diagnose.

We have made a graphic to show you the stomach pain work, depending of the intensity and the location: