I Finally Figured Out Why My Neighbour Was Putting Irish Spring Soap In His Yard

Soaps are commonly used for sanitizing and everyone has several of them at home. But they can be used for many other things besides sanitizing.

For example, the Irish Spring Soap also has the ability to act as a air freshener in the garden and as a pest detergents. I am sure that you did not know that just a simple bar of soap can do all these things.

The Irish Spring Soap can actually scare off the herbivores like the deer and it will not eat all your garden products just with its intense smell and it will also keep the insects and crawlies away too.

All the animals and insects will surely run away from your garden because they cannot bear the smell and they have sensitive noses.

Just cut the soap into small pieces and put them in some socks. After put the socks with the soap everywhere in your garden and you can be sure that you have solved this problem with the insects and the animals.

If you want to get optimal effects, you can place the soap on mini fences all around your garden.

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