Finally! FDA Admits That Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Finally, the FDA has admitted that chicken meat contains arsenic, which is the cancer-causing agent, and this meat is sold all over the United States. This dangerous and cancer-causing chemical has been added in the chicken feed.

The FDA conducted an investigation in which was shown that this poisonous arsenic is put in the chicken fodder and through it, it goes into the chicken meat, and when we eat the chicken meat, it gets into our body.

This investigation also showed that we have been entering arsenic into our bodies for more than 50 years from the consummation of typical chicken products.

But besides the fact that this has not been scientifically proven, the experts say that the arsenic is also found in the feces of chicken.

But this information and the proof of this can no longer be withdrawn and this made the manufacturer of the chicken feed product Roxarsone to take out their products from sale.

Also the terrifying news is that the company that uses arsenic in chicken feed is also in charge of the vaccines for children, Pfizer, and in this case they use chemical adjuvants.

The Alpharma LLC is a subsidiary of Pfizer, the company that makes Proxarsone. And because of this the FDA has required that Pfizer immediately stops to produce the drug that contains arsenic.

The bad news is that, besides the fact that Alpharma had pulled the toxic feed chicken feed from the stores in the United States, it still hasn’t pulled all their feed products from the stores in other countries until they are required to.

Associated press claim that Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division, has also distributed and sell their product in more than twelve different countries. They also stated that Pfizer is contacting the other countries’ regulatory authorizes in order to make a decision about selling the product on individual basis.

But the FDA assures that they have reduced the amount of arsenic in chicken and that now it is totally safe to consume, but everyone who is informed about this knows that it is definitely not completely safe to consume a cancer-causing chemical, no matter how small amount it is.

The National Chicken Council also gave their support to the FDA, stating that because the Roxarsone is no longer for sale in the stores, chicken meat is safe to consume. They also say that the arsenic is not a very big problem due to the fact that it has been included in many flocks grown and sold like chicken meat in the USA.

On another hand, the FDA had also investigated a factory for elderberry juice and they accused them of selling ‘unapproved drugs’, and about the question about the kind of the drugs they said that it was ‘The elderberry juice’. So in case you have said to people that elderberry can improve their health, then elderberry juice is considered as ‘drug’.

But this does not stop here, because FDA has made accusations to many more companies just for producing and selling nutritional and natural products for health improvements, and it also included raw milk.

Let me be sure that we all understood this: the arsenic consummation has been stated as safe by the FDA, but the elderberry juice and raw milk have been marked as poisonous and dangerous products. So here we have to conclude that the FDA gets on the side of highly profitable companies and does not protect the companies that produce healthy and beneficial natural remedies and products.

So always remember these facts when you go to the market to buy chicken meat:

  • Read the date on the package
  • Do not buy chicken that have unnaturally bright pink color
  • The fat content should not be gray or pastry, but white to deep yellow
  • Always purchase ‘Certified Organic’ meat products, and this way you will be sure that you will consume safe and healthy products.