Fight For Life: The Plant That Saved Me From Cancer – True Story!

This story is a real testimony about a man who was diagnosed with benign cerebrum tumor which was 5.5 cm big. After the diagnose, Bulgarian specialists performed a surgery to remove the tumor and it was successful.

Unfortunately, 2 years after the surgery they discovered that the tumor came back and this time in much worse condition, it was grown metastatic in an irregular kind.

The specialist once more recommended performing another surgery, but now a laser surgery, in order to take out the grown tumor. But this time it was much difficult, because the tumor had affected the function of his left arm and leg because it was not just in the cerebrum.

Oncology and radiotherapy medicines were his only solution and chance to survive. And after a short period of time, the tumor grew back again and he had to undergo another surgery.

But his life changed in a moment when he encountered a man while he was in recovery procedure.

The story of this man was that he was suffering from kidney malignancy and he was diagnosed to have three more months to live. This man told him about a lady who encouraged him to start immediately with a treatment with elderberry. The elderberry is a highly powerful natural fruit which contains a lot of recovering and solid therapeutic properties.

This is the procedure:

  1. Harvest, wash and dry out the elderberries which are similar to blueberries.
  2. Take the elderberries and put a lot of sugar and place them in a jug.
  3. Place the jug under a direct sunlight in order to speed up the process of maturation. Cover them nicely and put them in a fridge for 2 weeks.


Consume 1 teaspoon in the morning about 10 minutes before you eat breakfast. You have to determine another segment after you finish the first one. It is simple to do but amazingly powerful. This magnificent cure can turn your life in a completely different direction for good.