Your Face is Covered With Signs, Here’s How To Tell What’s Wrong With Your Kidneys, Hormones And Liver

Clean skin is an incredible sign that your wellbeing is in astounding condition and your whole body is in good health condition. This means that if you have any skin problems, this can reveal to you that you are having a few issues in your body.

Face Mapping depends on the methods of insight of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine that interface the changes that occur to your skin with the overall health of your body.

This implies that face mapping can give you the most real perspective of the entire health of your body.

You can discover the main culprit for your problems, and then treat the internal issues in your body.

  • Area: Forehead

Identified with: Liver, gallbladder

Clarification: The forehead is related with digestion and the nervous system’s function. This means that the skin issues that may show up most likely happen due to extremely slowly functioning digestive system and high levels of stress.

Instructions to treat this: do not eat sugar, fatty foods and processed foods. Consume plenty of vegetables and fruits to improve the digestion.

It is essential to do some stress-management strategies such as visualization, meditation, music, exercise and yoga. Also drink dandelion tea, lemon with warm water or fresh juice to detoxify your liver.

  • Area: The left side between your eyebrows

Identified with: Stored feelings in the spleen

Clarification: The lines around this place show that the person most likely has inside himself some non-shown, shrouded feelings set in the spleen.

Instructions to treat this: You can practice several methods such as yoga, reiki, guided meditation, counseling, and breathing work.

Area: The right side between the eyebrows

Identified with: Stored feelings inside the liver

Clarification: Skin problems or wrinkles inside this zone are an indication that the person has hidden anger, which has been built-up inside the liver

Instructions to treat this: There are a few methods that can help you to reduce the rage and help you canalize feelings in a much healthier way.

It is recommended to do yoga, reiki, counseling or writing a diary. It is also of great significance to stay away from foods abundant in fat and also do not consume alcohol since they just put extra pressure on your liver.

  • Area: Eyes

Identified with: Intestines, joints, thyroid organ

Clarification: “Spotty” iris staining most likely demonstrated bad absorption in the intestines. A lot of white shading over the iris is an indication of joint degeneration while the little irises are identified with general joint issues.

Furthermore, lightly colored circle around the iris is an indication that the individual has excessive intake of sugar and salt.

Instructions to treat this: the first step is to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods such as organic bone broth, linseeds/flaxseeds, oily fish, walnuts, turmeric and ginger. Also, do not take caffeine, processed food products, refined salt and sugar because they can be the reason for inflammation.

  • Area: Underneath the eyes

Identified with: Kidney

Clarification: reduced kidney function can cause puffy and swollen lower eyelids. Dark, puffy “sacks” beneath your eyes are a result of reduced kidney function.

Instructions to treat this: It is recommended to consume a lot of filtered water. In case of dehydration, the kidneys are under a lot of pressure and it can lead to damage of the essential filtering functions.

Also, it is important to rest enough, lower your stress to minimum and avoid drinking coffee and alcohol, because they are the reason for dehydration.

  • Area: Cheeks

Identified with: Lungs, slow digestion, malabsorption

Clarification: If you have patches on your cheeks without color, you need to take this as an indication of low metabolic rate and malabsorption. In addition, the issues inside area can be a sign that you have a few issues with the capacity of your lungs.

Instructions to treat this: Try some breathing activities that will oxygenate the lungs and improve lung capacity.

Additionally, it is very significant to do cardio exercises frequently so you can enhance the capacity of your lungs and ameliorate the metabolism. It is also important to chew the food nicely.

By doing this you will lower the pressure on the digestive system and improve absorption. Drink a lot of green tea and consume foods that are rich in antioxidants that will hinder any damage to your skin.

Area: Nose

Identified with: Cardiovascular system

Clarification: This region is related with flow, so in case you have skin issues in the region of the nose, there are some problems with your blood pressure.

Instructions to treat this: eat foods that will improve the health of your heart like oily, fish, linseed/flaxseeds, nuts, avocado and tahini. Do not consume coffee and alcohol because they have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

  • Area: Lower lip

Identified with: Digestive system

Clarification: Pale lips may show anemia. The lower lip is connected with the intestinal function,

if you see some dark colored spots, it means that you have poor digestion, and not enough digestive enzymes and overgrowth of parasite or worms in the intestines.

The most effective method to treat this: Your eating routine must have various foods abundant in iron, for example, lean red meat, and vegetables of green leafy veggies. Use some high-quality probiotic to make a natural warming treatment.

Area: Tongue

Identified with: Lungs, excess toxins

Clarification: you can check you overall health and the body if you check the surface of your tongue, especially in the morning.

“Foaminess” or scraped spot at the outside edges of your tongue can be an indication of improper lungs function, white accumulation and circled one towards the center or back zone of the tongue can show that the intestines have huge amounts of toxins.

Instructions to treat this: It is essential to do detoxify your body and eat a lot of raw foods and also natural and healthy fresh juices. Additionally, do some breathing meditation and cardio works out.

  • Area: Chin

Identified with: Stress, hormonal imbalance

Clarification: Hormonal imbalance and stress are showed in the area of the chin, blemishes are present in the chin area when many women have these problems.

Instructions to treat this: Avoid using face cleaning items since they are loaded with unsafe chemicals and toxins that can negatively affect the endocrine system.

Use maca powder instead that can improve hormonal balance. It is also important to lower your stress to minimum and make sure that you get enough rest and you sleep well.

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