Doctors Have No Explanation: Mix Cinnamon And Honey And Cure Arthritis, Cancer, Gallbladder, Cholesterol And 10 Other Diseases

The traditional Chinese medicine has been using the combination of honey and cinnamon for thousand for years. Both ingredients have powerful healing properties for which they have been highly estimated throughout history and are widely used even today as a homemade remedy.

The essential oil found in cinnamon, and the enzymes in honey have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, which means they kill bacteria and harmful microorganisms in the body and inhibit their growth.

Here is a list of some of the conditions that make the cinnamon-honey mix a more powerful remedy than any pharmacy-bought one, together with suggestions on how to use it.

Heart Problems

Mix honey and cinnamon to create a paste and smear it on a slice of bread for breakfast. The daily consumption of this paste will lower the level of “bad” cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attack.


Add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and two tablespoons of honey into a glass of lukewarm water. Consume it in the morning and in the evening and mitigate the symptoms of chronic arthritis.

Gallbladder Infections

Add one teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of ground cinnamon into a glass of lukewarm water. Consuming this drink on a daily basis will act as a natural antibiotic, killing the microbes that cause gallbladder infections.

High Cholesterol

Add three teaspoons of ground cinnamon together with two tablespoons of honey in a cup of tea. This beverage will lower the level of “bad” cholesterol in a few hours.


To cure a cold, cough, and relieve breathing problems, take one tablespoon of honey mixed with a ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon for at least three days in a row.

Immune System Boost

The above mentioned anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties of the honey-cinnamon mix help enhance the immune system and fight viruses and bacteria, as well as flu.

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain and ulcers can be easily terminated with the regular intake of cinnamon and honey.

Weight Loss

If you are looking forward to losing weight, add some honey and ground cinnamon in a cup of water and boil it. Consume it regularly, first thing in the morning, about 30 minutes before breakfast.

Skin Problems

Use the cinnamon powder and honey paste to solve your acne problem. Apply it on the critical areas before you go to sleep and wash it off when you get up.

Stronger Hair

To prevent hair loss, prepare the following mixture: one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply on the scalp and wait for at least 5 minutes before you wash it off. For best results, keep this homemade hair mask for 15 minutes at the head.

Cancer Treatment

Scientists have confirmed that the cinnamon and honey combination is efficient in the treatment of stomach cancer. It is recommended that patients take one tablespoon of honey mixed with one tablespoon of ground cinnamon daily, in a period than three months.

Instructions for Preparation of This Remedy

The preparation method for this homemade remedy is very simple. Place some honey in a small saucepan and boil. Add the cinnamon to the honey and simmer until it thickens and becomes caramel-brown, stirring constantly. For best results, consume a teaspoon before each meal.