Doctors Are Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Right Now And This is The Reason Why

Aluminum is frequently used for some illnesses to relieve the pain but the main use of aluminum foil is in the kitchen for wrapping food and cooking. But there are many significant things that we are not aware of about aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil has a negative effect on the function of the brain and it is considered to be related to Alzheimer’s disease, because of the fact that it is a neurotoxic heavy metal.

Some experts claim that too much use of aluminum foil can lead to enduring contra effects like loss of coordination, bodily control, loss of memory and balance as well as mental decline.

The aluminum foil has the ability to accumulation in the bones and lowering the level of calcium by replacing it, and all of this is because we cook our food with aluminum foil.

Pulmonary fibrosis and many respiratory conditions can be also a result of cooking with aluminum foil because we actually inhale particles of aluminum. This also happens if we grill food with aluminum.

What actually happens is that when aluminum foil is heated on high temperature, it releases metal in the food and the heavy metal sticks in the food, but not all people know about this.

One researcher, dr. Essam Zubaidy at the American University of Sharjah, has studied the results of cooking with aluminum foil and has come to a discovery that the food can contain for more than 400mg of aluminum from the foil used in cooking.

He stated that aluminum foil is not appropriate for using it in the kitchen, for spices, citrus juice or tomatoes and especially not for cooking. It actually emits more aluminum particles at higher temperatures.

The World Health Organization has said that 60mg is the recommended daily intake of aluminum.