Do You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? This Is What It Means

Our body has its own clock and internal systems, which help control the bodily functions. We can also say that our spiritual and physical health is linked closely together.

Chinese medicine studies the energy in the body and states that the body airs different type of energy to different place or organ in the human body inside the 24-hour window.

Due to this fact, we can say that some energy has been changed or disrupted if you wake up every night at the same time, and this can change the natural balance. This kind of disruptions can be either of spiritual or physical nature. Here are some reasons which time of wakening is connected to which of your organs to help you understand and solve the problems you are experiencing.

Meaning of wake up times

9 pm to 11 pm

Most people go to bed at these hours. At this time, in our body the endocrine system restores its balance and the enzymes are refilling. The endocrine system controls the metabolism and the hormones, so if you cannot fall asleep during this time you probably have a problem with some of these parts of your body. This also means that you are concerned with what has happened during the present day or thinking about what is going to happen the next day.

Another reason for waking up from 9pm to 11pm is if you have been eating unhealthy fats and your gallbladder cannot process them.

1am to 3am

Detoxification and the renewal process are happening in your body from 1am to 3am. Fresh, clean blood is being made in the liver and it releases all the toxins from the body. Frustration and anger can be the negative consequences of waking up at this time. This is what the liver is telling you if you discard these spiritual toxins.

3am to 5am

The time from 3am to 5am is the time when the lungs are being repaired and fill the body with oxygen. For this process to happen and to improve body function you need to be warm enough. Sadness and grief can also be the cause for lung problems. Breathing techniques can help you out if you constantly wake up at this period during the night.

Ascension – a process of raising vibration levels is another issue because of which you cannot fall asleep at this period at night. Waking up at this period can also be generated by something else, maybe if you are not warm enough during the night, hearing something strange, if you are experiencing a lucid dream, or even if have changed your diet or have lost the appetite.

5am to 7am

The period between 5am and 7am is reserved for the large intestine, which decomposes toxins and clears them out of the body. Remember, if you wake up at this time every night, it is a consequence of a poor diet or eating too late.

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