Completely Regenerates, Strengthens and Heals the Spine: You Need to Write Down the Recipe for This Homemade Remedy!

Back pain is very common issue and every one suffers from back pain at least once. People usually rest when they are experiencing back pain, but this is simply the wrong thing to do, because we need to stretch the body and be active at this time.

While you are experiencing pain in the spine, you can relax and lie no more than 48 hours, because if you stay in bed for longer time it can lead to other side-effects.

When the muscles are not active for longer period of time, this can cause blood clotting in the veins, weakening of the muscles and depression. So even with pain you still need to be active and exercise.

You can also try some natural treatments in order to relieve and eliminate back or spine pain, combining them with additional massaging oils or some other natural lubrication with ointments, and try to use all natural ingredients.

Natural Remedies for back pain

1.Figs and dried plums

Figs and dried plums are very beneficial in case of pain in the spine and that is why they are very significant. You can prepare a delicious and very healthy tea from them. Dried apricots, prunes and figs can improve the condition of the spine, making it firmer and stronger because of their ability to encourage regeneration of tissue.

Fig and dried plum tea is also very healthy and it is recommended to drink it every evening, in order to avoid going to therapy because the tea can help for the parietal bones to adapt to their natural place.

The needed ingredients for this amazing tea, which has been proven to be a magnificent natural remedy, are the following: 1 dried apricot, 1 dried fig, and 5 dried prunes. It is also very efficient in relieving pain in the spine.

The preparation of this tea takes about 2 hours. First you need to put the fruit in water until it starts to boil. After it boils, cover it and leave it for 2 hours. In the end strain the tea and it is ready for consummation. Enjoy!


Garlic is widely used natural remedy for many medical conditions and it is also very helpful for pain in the back and spine. Garlic is also very efficient in helping with disk herniation. Garlic is prepared as coating for this problem. Take 10 cloves of garlic and cook them in some oil.

After the garlic is cooked, apply it on the affected area o the back or spine as a coating. Do this treatment every day for about a month or longer, and leave the coating to react for about three hours.

Garlic mixed with milk is even more powerful. Make a mixture of milk and garlic and drink this every day, and this natural remedy is very efficient in relieving sciatica pain.

Mash 4 garlic cloves and put them in 200 ml of milk. Put them on heat until it starts to boil. You can also add some honey or other sweeteners for better taste.

It is recommended to consume about 2l of this amazing natural remedy a day and it will help in relieving back pain. You can use this remedy unlimited and it does not have any side-effects. As long as you are experiencing positive results you can continue to drink this.


Clay has proved to be a very efficient natural treatment for pain in the back. And it is also very beneficial for joint pain. Overall it is very helpful in relieving numerous pains in the body. This is due to its rich content with magnesium, lead, silver, copper, iron, sodium, potassium and aluminum.

Clay has been used for many centuries as a natural and very efficient natural remedy for relieving pain.

If you want to use clay as a compress, you need to mix it with a little bit of water, vinegar and bread. Also put a little bit of nettle, grinded and chopped. After you make this mixture, cover it with nylon, or a towel.

Apply some olive oil on the affected area, where the pain is, and after that put the mixture. Repeat this procedure for seven days or until the pain is eliminated.


Cabbage is often used as a coating and it is very efficient in relieving back pain. It has been used for many centuries and there is a saying about cabbage ‘cabbage pulls out every pain’ and it can definitely help with this type of pain.

First wash the cabbage leaves well and prepare them for the coating. Cut off the thick parts and roll them a little bit with a pin roll.

Then wash the painful skin and then apply some olive oil on it, and after that put the cabbage leaves as a coating and cover them to tight them well with some cloth or gauze.
It is recommended to leave the coating of cabbage leaves for three hours in the morning and also to put them again for three more hours in the afternoon.

Repeat this treatment for six days, and then you must pause for thirty days before your do this procedure for another six more days.

In order to prepare an even more efficient natural remedy for back pain you can put together cabbage with clay. The needed ingredients for this special remedy are ½ of kg of clay powder which you will put in a big container, and pour 1l of mineral water. After mix this until it becomes homogenous. After that put three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and let it stay for a couple of minutes. When it stays for a while the mixture is ready.

Rub the mixture on the affected area and then put the cabbage leaves on top and cover it with gauze or a cloth to tighten it well. Let this coating on the painful area for about twelve hours.

5.Black garlic and potatoes

We consume black garlic and potatoes almost every day, but not many of us know that they are very helpful with many health issues.

When combined together, the black garlic and potatoes are very powerful and efficient in helping and relieving back and spine pains.

Potatoes are considered to be very beneficial for minimizing swelling and especially for pain in the lower back. Potatoes help relax the muscles and they fasten their activity, and they warm and help to keep the heat in the muscles which actually helps with any pain.

At the same time, the garlic completes its own function and improves and boosts the circulation, and this positively affects the movement. Garlic is mostly powerful because of its content rich in sulfur.

Prepare an amazing natural treatment from garlic and potatoes, by grinding them and also put a little bit of salt. When you mix them nicely, put it on the affected area in a thin layer and tighten it with gauze or a sterile cloth and leave it until the morning.