Believe It or Not, Use Frozen Lemons and Say Goodbye to Diabetes, Tumors, Obesity!

In addition to being used for flavoring numerous sweet and savory dishes, lemons have been known for their health benefits and often called a super-fruit.

The key ingredients in lemon are flavonoids, which are rich in antioxidants that help prevent and treat various diseases and conditions.

It is almost certain that you have used lemon juice for detoxication, whether mixed with honey, water, or in the form of lemon tea.

However, the good old-fashioned way of squeezing the lemons in order to extract their juice is not enough to use up all the nutritive elements. The best way is to freeze them. Read on and you will see why this technique is the best.

The main reason is the peel. Besides the pulp, this part of the fruit also contains nutrients that regulate the cholesterol levels, enhance the immune system, and help in the prevention of cancer.

In addition, the peel has powerful anti-microbial properties and fights fungal and bacterial infections.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Regular consumption of lemons helps the prevention and treatment of the following:

  • Lower the risk of stroke
  • Prevent cancer
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Treat and prevent inflammation
  • Fight bacteria
  • Alleviate asthma symptoms
  • Help with depression and anxiety
  • Clean the kidneys and liver

Lemons for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Lemons are widely used due to their ability to clean the body from toxins. For these reasons, these yellow fruits are often recommended to cancer patients.

Many studies have proven the link between lemons and cancer inhibition. To be more precise, a vast experiment conducted in the 1970s proved that lemon peel is efficient against more than ten types of cancer, including breast, colon, lung, prostate, and pancreatic cancer.

Other studies have found that when frozen, these fruits are more efficient in fighting cancer than traditional cancer treatments, which include radiation and chemotherapy.

Not to mention that they are completely safe to consume due to the fact that they don’t have the adverse side effects of chemotherapy. They target the malignant cells only, without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

How to Consume Lemon Peel

Compared to the pulp, lemon peel contains about ten more vitamins.

The nutritionist and expert on women’s health, Dr. Marilyn Glenville, confirms this fact and adds that you should include your lemons in smoothies rather than in juices because it allows you to consume the whole fruit, including the highly-nutritive peel.

Bearing in mind that many people avoid consuming lemons and other citrus fruits because of their bitter, acidic taste, we offer an amazing recipe that neutralizes these dreaded features of lemon and allows you to enjoy their health benefits.

Freezing Your Lemons

Wash the lemons well with cold running water, then pat them dry on a towel.

Use apple cider vinegar (preferably organic) or baking soda to disinfect them.

Put them in the fridge and leave them there overnight.

In the morning, grate the whole frozen lemons. Whole, including peel, pulp, and seeds.

Transfer the lemons into ice-cube trays, then return to the freezer.

Whenever you want extra nutrients, or simply want to add some tanginess in your recipes, use the frozen lemons. Make it a habit to add a teaspoon of frozen lemons into your morning coffee, smoothie, or tea. You can also add them to both sweet and savory dishes, like soups, salads, pasta, pancakes, banana bread, ice cream…The sky is the limit!