Are You Worried About Clogged Arteries? Start Drinking This!

Numerous people are taking the toxic cholesterol and the prescribed medications for lowering the blood pressure, but they are not always efficient in treating and reducing the heart disease.

More than 10 years, they have been hiding the most stunning study that has been ever conducted. And when we actually discovered and found this clinical study about 2 years ago, in the form of a document abstract which was publicly indexed on, we are all stunned.

The strength of Pomegranate

So we have managed to get to whole study documents and we can report about the results and the conclusions from it, in order to inform the people about the strength of pomegranate in treating and curing the body and it can also help in preventing the lethal heart disease. The most amazing line in the documents from the study – How to clean your arteries with this simple fruit – has gotten more than 500,000 social media shares:

‘Consuming the juice of pomegranate can help in the reduction of significant IMT (intima media thickness), and it is about 30% lower after 1 year.’

And it does not surprise us that numerous people are choosing to replace the prescribed medications with delicious, affordable and safe natural alternative that has the ability to clean the clogged arteries. As we know, the medications are not always efficient – and more than 300 side effects are related to the most commonly used cholesterol-lowering statins. Often we do not understand the medical language – and what is actually a caused reduction of the IMT (intima media thickness) of the arteries?

Reducing the Intima Media Thickness: Reversing Atherosclerosis

The middle area of the arteries is the intima media and it is the part gets inflamed and immune cells, oxidized fats and the debris from the cells are build up here and form the ‘blocked arteries’. In this way the arteries become thicker and there is less space for the blood to circulate in the lumen of the arteries. This can also lead to closed or completely blocked arteries and serious injury or death is the consequence. So because of this anything is a miracle that has the power to prevent, reduce or reverse the thickening of the intima media and it will resolve the main cause of atherosclerosis and this will also lower the number of deaths that are related to the cardiovascular mortality.

So the real question here how can such a simple and efficient thing like the pomegranate be overlooked when we actually live in a world where the cardiovascular disease is the umber 1 cause of death and millions of people are taking prescribed medications that only have the power to lower the surrogate markers for the cardiovascular disease risk – lipoproteins carrying cholesterol, and they are not even giving any signs of treating or reducing the cardiovascular disease or the all-cause mortality. And if this simple and powerful daily dietary treatment can actually reducing and eliminating the cardiovascular disease, it only seems extremely unethical to avoid using it. In this article we want to reveal some of the finer details of the clinical trial, and also to support and prove the actual value of food-based and botanical treatments that are extremely efficient in treating and can hinder a lot of the chronic diseases like the cardiovascular disease which is the most lethal disease in the world.

The Pomegranate “Artery Cleaning” Clinical Trial

The clinical trial was titled -“Pomegranate juice consumption for 3 years by patients with carotid artery stenosis reduces common carotid intima-media thickness, blood pressure and LDL oxidation,” and it was published in 2014 in the Clinical Nutrition Journal. Some experts from Israel have found out that pomegranate, consumed in the form of juice for one year, can actually clean the buildup plaque in the carotid arteries in people who have serious carotid artery steniosis but without any symptoms (which means that their internal carotid arteries are 70-90% blocked). This study involved 19 participants – 14 men and 5 women, between the age of 65 to 75 and they were all non smokers. They were randomly selected to get either the placebo or the pomegranate juice. Ten patients were selected to receive the pomegranate juice and the other nine, who did not get the pomegranate juice, were in the group for controlling. Patients from the both groups had very similar blood pressure, and glucose and blood lipid concentrations and they were also taking the similar medical treatments with medications for lipid lowering (statins), and drugs for lowering the blood pressure (calcium channel blockers, β-blockers,ACE inhibitors). The first group of patients- ten of them, got 1.69 ounces – 50 ml of the pomegranate juice every day, and the juice also had .036 milligrams of polyphenols – which are primarily anthocyanins and tannins; and they consumed the juice for one year and five of them continued the treatment for another 2 more years.

These were the amazing results that were reported from the clinical study:

The thickness in the intima media in the left and right carotid arteries in the cases of patients with severe carotid artery stenosis, who drank the pomegranate juice for a whole year, experienced reduce after 3 months for 13%, in 6 months for 22%, in 9 months for 26% and in 12 months the thickness was reduced for 35%, when compared to baseline values.

And the reality here is that if these results of 13% reduced thickness in the carotid arteries in just 3 months by a pharmaceutical drug, it would certainly be considered as a miracle that can save lives, and beside the fact that it would be marketed and promoted to make multi-billion dollar profit, but it would also be discussed as why it should be mandated.

And the results from the clinical study are amazing and they are an incredible discovery in the cardiology field, but it also may have much better affects than the mentioned ones above. And another important fact is that in the control group the carotid artery stenosis increased for even 9% in the first year, so the other group with the pomegranate intervention actually had higher results than the ones that were measured in intima media thickness alone. So the conclusion here is that if the first group had not consumed the pomegranate juice, their accumulation in the arteries would have become higher at about 9% each year, for example 18 in two years and even 27% in three years. This gets to another conclusion that in three year period, with the pomegranate treatment the results will show over 605 reduced thickening in the arteries as opposed to what would have happened if the thickening would not have been treated at all.’

3 Ways How Pomegranate Heals the Cardiovascular System

The experts have managed to separate three different ways in how the pomegranate affects the cardiovascular system with the observed anti-atherosclerotic activity of the pomegranate:

1. Antioxidant properties:
The patient who were on the pomegranate treatment experienced high relieve and reduced in oxidative stress, and also reductions in auto antibodies which are created to fight ox-LDL- which is a type of oxidized lipoprotein with low density also related with the pathological process of atherosclerosis. The reduction of oxidative stress was measurable by a higher amount of the paraoxanase 1-blood serum enzyme, which showed an increase of about 9% in three year period; PON1 is actually an enzyme and its activity is related with reduced oxidative stress. This is very important for the anti-atherosclerotic activity of the pomegranate due to lipid peroxidation hypothesis of atherosclerosis, and this means that it is actually the quality of the blood lipids (no matter if they are damaged, oxidized or not), and not the quality that makes the atherogenicity/cardiotoxicity. So pomegranate can hinder the heart disease by helping the effects of oxidative stress.

2. Blood Pressure lowering properties: the pomegranate treatment managed to regulate the blood pressure; and it was lowered for 7% after 1 month, 11% after 3 months, 10% after 6 months, another 10% after 9 months, and 12% after 12 months with the help of the pomegranate treatment. This benefit of the pomegranate concerning lowering the blood pressure means that it also has the power to heal the endothelium, or the inner lining in the artery which is responsible for the relaxation of the heart in heart disease and when it does not perform its function it is a condition called endothelial dysfunction.3. Plaque Lesion Stabilization: Two of the ten people who were in the group with the pomegranate juice treatment had clinical deterioration, a surgery had to be performed in order to examine and analyze the lesions and to see the differences in the composition in patients who were on the pomegranate treatment and those who were not. There were 4 positive differences in the composition of lesions treated with pomegranate:

  • Reduced cholesterol content: the amount of cholesterol inside the lesions from the patients who were on PJ treatment was decreased for 58% and 20% when compared to the lesions of patients who were not on the treatment.
  • Reduced Lipid Peroxides: also the level of lipid peroxides in the lesions from the patients who got the pomegranate treatment for 3 and 12 months was lower for 61% and 41%.
  • Increased Reduced Glutathione Content: it was also confirmed that with the consumption of pomegranate juice there was an increase in the lesion reduced glutathione content by 2.5 fold.
  • Reduced LDL oxidation: the LDL oxidation was significantly lower by 43% or 32% with patients who received the pomegranate treatments. This showed that the PJ treatment has the power to lower the lesion size in carotid arteries and it can also make the lesion less atherogenic, and lower the content of oxidized lipid and cholesterol, and its power to oxidize LDL was decreased. These results are simply amazing, because today the dangers that the carotid artery stenosis brings depends on the size of the lesion and not the quality of it. This means that the quantity of the lipoproteins, actually the cholesterol in the blood does not confirm if they are harmful-atherogenic lipoproteins; and actually oxidized lipoproteins are dangerous, and the non-oxidized lipoproteins are not harmful and are benign, and necessary for the health.

So this study showed that the first group with the pomegranate treatment had higher level of triglycerides and reduced lipoprotein, and this means that the pomegranate’s anti-atherosclerotic properties have actually the power to ameliorate the quality of the physiological milieu – in which all the lipoproteins work, in and of itself.

And we need to mention that all the patients who participated in this study were also taking medical treatments for their cardiovascular disease – for lowering the blood pressure and the cholesterol. And it is important to state that the pomegranate does not interfere the medical drugs and it can be used together with other medical treatments. And it is also highly significant to know that the other group who were just undergoing a medical treatment experiences deterioration – IMT increase for 9% in a year, which means that the medical drugs are not very efficient, and they can even make the condition even worse.

Pomegranate’s 100+ Health Benefits

Pomegranate is extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system and other organ systems in the body. There are more than 100 different health benefits of pomegranate.