Ann Cameron Cured Her Stage-4 Cancer with Only One Ingredient!

This is a true story about Ann Cameron, who is an author of children’s books, and until now she has more than 15 children’s books written. In 2012, she got some bad news when she was told that she had colon cancer in stage three, and her decision was to fight this battle publicly in order to tell her story.

And she managed to defeat this disease in a totally natural way and her story was heard with a positive ending and it could be helpful for others who are dealing with the same problem.

Her husband also suffered from cancer but lung cancer and after several months of chemotherapy he died in 2005. So this was as a guiding point for her when she got her diagnosis, she went to a surgery and after she was recommended to proceed with chemotherapy, but she did not follow with it because it did not give any results in the case with her husband. And she tried some natural ways to fight with her disease.

She investigated numerous alternative treatments and then she discovered the case of Ralph Cole who succeeded to defeat skin cancer just by drinking carrot juice each day about 5 pounds or 2, 5 kilograms.

And then she decided to follow this treatment. She drank the carrot juice and after 8 weeks, the spreading of the cancer has stopped, and also the lymph glands and the tumors started to shrink.

She continued with the treatment and the results were amazing. 4 months later, the tumor continued to decrease, and just after 8 months if treatments the tests and scans showed that the tumor was completely gone.

This treatment can also be combined together with the conventional treatments and it can be done at the same time as chemo and radiation. But Ann Cameron did not want to experience the side-effects of chemo and she only treated her cancer by drinking carrot juice.

She advises the cancer patients that if they can choose, to only follow the natural alternative treatments with the carrot juice, and to avoid the conventional treatments. The treatment with carrot juice can stop the increase of cancer cells and it can treat and cure the cancer.

Carrots contain Falcarinol-which is an antioxidant and because of that scientists have proved that it also has anti-cancer properties.

In the UK and Denmark a study confirmed that consuming carrots decreased the cancer rate in one third of the mice and rats who had colon cancer.

A different study also proved the benefits of carrot consumption with breast cancer patients and it showed that they had increased level of carotenoids in the blood– which are precursors of vitamin A, and this hinders the cancer from developing.

Besides being highly efficient in treating cancer, carrots are full with many beneficial nutrients and they can improve and boost your health. So it is recommended to eat carrots on a regular basis and if you are fighting with this deadly disease, ask your doctor for advice on starting the carrot juice treatment.

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