According To Psychologists, People Who Cry A Lot Have This Unique Personality Trait

Have long have it been since you have cried last time? Maybe you are crying right now, or have passed week or a month? There is nothing wrong to feel vulnerable and to spend some tears and it’s totally your choice with no apologies to make.

There are definitions on what crying represents and for sure it is not really health but represents bounciness and strength. Psychologists manage to prepare a list of four good reasons how to feel after crying. Forget feeling pathetic but empowered.

The way of relieving stress

Back in 1983 was made a study in which was concluded that large number of people feel more relieve after good crying caused by interpersonal thoughts, anxious or sad moments.

In events that cause grief or worry us, crying seems to be the best solution for relieving. Crying is the right thing to do instead of gathering up your emotions and holding back your tears. This situation can lead to long-term of psychological damage.

With crying the negative energy is releasing. Crying allows us to get rid of the negative tension gathered from everyday life or day to day events allowing us to feel re-energized and comfortable to get along with life. The mood after crying can be significantly improved after some good emotional tears.

According to Professor Roger Baker of the University of Bournemouth, crying is the process when distress is transforming into something tangible, and reducing the feeling of trauma. Now you can understand the meaning when people encouraging you to “just let it out”.

You are not worried what people mean

The sense of vulnerability and fragility in the moments when we cry are due to the presence of other people. You try to keep inside you, but the voice is cracking and the tears are on the way out and you are surprising as harder you can before bursting in tears and cry.

For years people have been convinced that crying in public is what make us weak and should be avoided by every cost. But the intelligence and sensitivity as part of being human say that we should not constantly hide the emotions.

Research from 1964 proved that people act with compassion and less negatively to those who are crying. The study was based on people and their response in presence in crying person.

It is already known that crying is making people to feel little bit uncomfortable, but crying in public in front of others shows that you can place your feeling above what society expectations.

Not afraid to show your feelings

In general people cry for different reasons. Sometimes lack of sugar in the body, hormonal imbalance, stress or loneliness can make us cry. Even sad song or a movie can provoke some tears, and also there are times when we even do not know why we are crying.

The benefit form it is that fact that you are embracing your emotions and you are not afraid to showed them. Suppressing emotions can draw you into a dark stat, or alcoholism, depression, drug abuse, anxiety which can appear as result from the denial of the emotions.

Many issues can pull you back like, punishment or self-doubt and all combined with tears can really disassociate.

Crying person are better friends

The message you send while letting down your emotional guard is not only that you are not afraid to show off your emotions but it points you like an honest and open minded persons.

Picture a situation when you are with someone close to you and both are receiving sad news, be the one to take the first step in crying, this will encourage the other the express the emotions.

This gives you special points for your strength and makes you a better person. These so called walls are the actual difference between people.

The person who does not want to be with you when you are in the vulnerable should not be a part of your life.

Crying and mental disorders

It would be concerning if you find yourself to have the urge of constant crying, than you should consider of seeing a therapist. Sometimes constant crying episodes can be a alarm for depression and anxiety.

Sadly this condition has affected lots of people worldwide, and if it is not treated right it could lead to self-destruction, suicides.

If you are suffering from some kind of mental disease you can ask for a help in the many support centers.


Crying is not the best natural cleaner of eyes but the best and healthies treatment for coping of the emotions. It can help you to relieve stressful situation, express sad feelings or nostalgic moments for a while something.

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