A Drop of This Simple Homemade Remedy Recovers Hearing Almost Completely, Even in Old People

Heating loss is very common in older people, but recently even younger people experience auditory problems.

Hearing issues may be a serious obstacle in a person’s everyday functioning. For example, it is not very pleasant to be unable to hear your supervisor’s instructions at work. It could be even dangerous, considering the fact that you have to drive and can’t hear horns or other sound produced by vehicles.

This post recommends a 100% natural solution for your auditory problems. The basic ingredient used for preparation of the mixture is something we all have at home and use every day. It has been proved more efficient than any pharmaceutical drugs out there. The ingredient in question is – garlic.

Garlic has been used for its healing properties for a very long time, to fight various diseases and conditions. In fact, it was considered so powerful in the past, it was used to “kill” vampires!

Here are the ingredients needed to prepare this magical hearing remedy:

  • 3 cloves garlic
  • Olive oil
  • Gauze or cotton
  • Dropper

Peel off the garlic cloves, wash them and press them to extract as much juice as possible. Mix this juice with the olive oil and put the ready mixture into the dropper.

Put three drops of the mixture in your ear, while lying down. Then cover with cotton or gauze to prevent the liquid from exiting the ear. Keep lying for a few minutes to be sure that the oil has penetrated the ear deep enough. You will notice the first results after only a week or two of regular use!

Source: www.beextrahealthynow.net