8 Chain Restaurants You Should NEVER Eat At

It is much simpler to just get take-out from any chain restaurant, especially when you do not have much time. But are you aware of the fact that this habit is very bad for your health when you eat at the Chili’s, Denny’s or at the Cheesecake Factory?

Why is it bad to eat at most food chain restaurants?

1. Antibiotics

The animals that are on the factory-farm do not go out in open fields and sunny fields. The conditions that they are raised in are very disgusting and awful. Due to this kind of conditions, they are more prone to getting sick and this is not in convenience for those who make profit of them. And to prevent the animals to get sick, they use antibiotics. They give the animals a lot of antibiotics, so that they remain semi-healthy for production.

2. GMO’s

If there is not a label that says that the burger or fries that you are consuming are GMO-free, it means that this food is packed with ingredients that have been genetically modified. Consuming GMO is related with many reproductive system disorders, allergies and many more conditions. Canola, soy and corn are the most common GMO food. And the restaurants use canola and corn oil to cook the food. Low-quality foods often contain corn as a filler.

3. Farmed Fish

Fish is thought to be a very healthy food compared to other foods, but this is not entirely true for the fish from chain restaurants. The wild fish caught in open sea is much more expensive than the farmed fish that most of the restaurants use. This type of fish contains a lot of pesticides and toxins.

4. Excessive Calories

The whole amount of daily calories is contained in just one dish from a chain restaurant. This is because this food contains a lot of refined carbohydrates, starch, low-quality meat and cheese and sugar. Just one plate can disturb your daily balance of wellness and health. After short enjoying of these meals, you are more likely to feel lethargic at first, and then thirsty and hungry very soon after the meal, mostly due to the fact that there is no nutritional value in these meals and also they are full in sodium content.

So think well before going again in a chain restaurant for family dinner or a date night. It is a better choice to go a restaurant that is locally operated and also locally owned. Most of the time, these local restaurant choose their ingredients more carefully and also they pay attention for the way that the food is prepared. So always choose a restaurant that uses food which is grown locally. This does not mean that you cannot go out for dinner time, but there are much healthier alternatives in choosing a place to eat which is not bad for your health.

Here are the menus of the worst 8 chain restaurant which you should not even consider eating in.

1. Chilli’s

There are many food options in Chilli’s like fajitas with veggies and grilled chicken, but the quality of the food is questioned. There are 866 calories in the smoked chicken burrito. 870 calories are contained in the apparently healthier meal, the chipotle chicken bowl. And do not even think about eating the classic turkey sandwich, because it has 930 calories.

2. Denny’s

Denny’s restaurant works until late hours and because of this, it is an often choice for getting a take-out or having dinner there. But the bad thing here is that the food at Denny’s contains a lot of calories, sugar and processed ingredients. There are 1,010 calories in just one Slam Burger topped with bacon, eggs and hash browns.

3. PF Chang’s

There is also a menu with gluten-free meals for people who ask for it. But on the other hand, their meals contain a very high amount of calories. There are 90 grams of fat, a high amount of sodium –even more than the needed daily amount, and 1,270 calories in their gluten-free coconut curry dish.

4. Waffle House

At the Waffle House the most commonly ordered meal are the waffles. This is very obvious. But the bad thing about these waffles is that they are full with gluten when they are doused in sugary syrup, and also when they are topped with processed meats like sausage and bacon. Not the healthiest breakfast.

5. The Cheesecake Factory

Everyone who has been in the Cheesecake Factory is familiar with their enormous menu choices. But the bad news is, that these numerous meals contain a lot of sugar, cheeses, heavy meats and refined carbs.

6. Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is the most devious of all chain restaurants, when it comes to the information of the allergen and nutrition value of their meals. You can simply enjoy their gravy, biscuits, chicken as long as you do not know what is inside them.

7. TGI Friday’s

There are more than 1,000 calories in a chicken salad from TGI Friday’s, and their turkey burger has about 960 calories. And these meals are considered as the healthier ones. Think again.

8. Applebees

This restaurant is often the favorite one when it comes to dinning out. But, on the other hand it overfeeds the customers. There are more than 1,000 calories in one appetizer. Their healthier option – the sweet potato fries contains 1,160 calories and by this time you are already full with calories, without even ordering the main meal yet.

So, which is the best choice for going out to dinner?

The better alternative for the dangerous chain restaurants, are the small local restaurants, just like it is better choice to buy groceries at a local store. The food is much healthier and it is also beneficial for the economy and also for our planet to support the local businesses.

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