72 Unbelievable Uses For Simple Household Products To Save Money & Avoid Toxins

We have explained different uses of these simple household products, with which you can save money on buying different and expensive products for a specific use.

We can divide the purposes of use in three different categories – for home use; for personal care and beauty; and dietary or medicinal purpose.

Here are the household products which you can use:

1. White Vinegar

Home use: it can unclog your drain; it can clean windows; it can polish silver; and it can neutralize odors.

Personal care/Beauty: it can sooth a bee sting; cure an upset stomach; and it can condition your hair.

Dietary/medicinal: it can boil better eggs, it can tenderize meat, it keeps vegetables fresh and it eliminates garlic odor.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Home use: deodorizes laundry, it can repel fleas; it cleans the microwave.

Personal care/Beauty: it sooths sunburns on the skin; it helps treating acne; it can be used as an aftershave; and you can wash your hair with it.

Dietary/medicinal: it controls high-blood pressure; it can be used for detox and for losing weight; it cures yeast infections; it can prevent colds.

3. Lemon Juice

Home use: it cleans glass and mirrors; brightens your whites; it is good for brightening your toilet bowl; and disinfects the cutting board.

Personal care/Beauty: it can high-light your hair, it is good for removing sun spots; it reduces wrinkles; and also shrinks the pores on the face.

Dietary/medicinal: it is great for detox, it sooths a sore throat; improves digestion and strengthen immunity.

4. Coconut oil

Home use: it can be used as WD-40; it is great for polishing wood furniture; and it removes shower scum.

Personal care/Beauty: it can be used as a lip gloss, hair serum, deodorant and as prevention for wrinkles.

Dietary/medicinal: it is great for reducing migraines and improves thyroid function.

5. Baking Soda

Home use: it is used to put out fires, you can use it to scrub toilets and tubs; and you can even clean your oven and grill with it.

Personal care/Beauty: you can use it as toothpaste and as deodorant; it relieves diaper rash and treats heartburn.

Dietary/medicinal: it makes fluffier omelets and crispier chicken;

6. Castile Soap

Home use: it can be used as an all-purpose cleaner and as dish soap, you can mop floors with it.

Personal care/Beauty: it is great for preventing eczema; and it can be used as body wash, as pet shampoo and as toothpaste

Dietary/medicinal: treats psoriasis and eczema and cures acne

7. Castor oil

Home use: it lubricates kitchen scissors, it can discourage rodents and it is great for restoring health of your plants.

Personal care/Beauty: it relieves cracked heels, it is good for strengthening your eyelashes and it softens cuticles.

Dietary/medicinal: it is great as laxative, it treats dry and itchy skin; it can induce labor; and it can relieve menstrual cramping.

We hope that these 72 uses of simple household products are going to be very helpful to you.