5 Things You Should Never Do After Eating!

Laying down and resting after a nice meal is frequently done by most people. But this is not a good choice and in fact it, is very bad for the overall health. There are also other things that are just harmful to do after eating.

Here is a list of 5 things you should avoid doing after eating.

1. Eat fruit

Eating fruit is not very beneficial thing to do after lunch. Fruit needs numerous enzymes in order to dissolve, and also fruit has high amount of sugars, which are not digested very quickly, so it is better to consume fruit on an empty stomach. The best time to absorb all the healthy nutrients, sugar and fiber from fruit is to eat it before a meal. Consuming fruit after or just before lunch can result with heartburn, indigestion, belching and many more.

2. Shower

When we shower the blood circulation gets higher in the body, the hands and legs and there is not enough blood flow in the stomach in order to digest the food. Due to this, our stomach cannot digest the food and we can experience some stomach pain. So it is not recommended to take a shower after a meal.

3. Smoke

Smokers always light up a cigarette after a meal, this is very bad actually. Even though they know that smoking causes many serious diseases, they do not quit smoking. Smoking after a meal permits the body to get more carcinogens due to the fact that nicotine takes the needed oxygen in digestion. So you should wait several hours after a meal to smoke. Smoking immediately after eating is compared to smoking ten cigarettes at the same time and this is the reason for lung and bowel cancer.

4. Drink tea

The absorption of iron is obstructed by the consumption of tea immediately after a meal. The body cannot absorb all the healthy content of fruit due to the fact that iron and protein from food have tied up with the tannic acid from the tea. This can lead to 87% lower level of iron in the body. Not getting enough iron from food causes anemia actually decreases the red blood cells and triggers many medical conditions like pale skin, dizziness, chest pain, constant fatigue, cold hands and feet, loss in appetite, weakness and fragile nails.

5. Sleep

Going to be with a full stomach can cause many difficulties sleeping like odd sleeping patterns, bloating and discomfort, due to the fact that your stomach will work all night to digest the food. A study from the University of Ioannina Medical confirmed that eating before bedtime can increase the risk for a stroke. So avoid eating anything before sleeping.

So if you do not want to cause any discomfort or medical problems, try to avoid doing these 5 things after lunch. Wait a couple of hours before you take a shower, eat fruit, and drink tea or rest. And smoking is always a bad thing to do, not just after a meal so you should quit as quickly as you can.

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