4 Minutes, 28 Days – A New Body!

If you want a better body line, try out exercises, which are very popular within numerous people around the world.

Planks are the best exercise in order to make the middle body part stronger. When you are a novice at exercising, you often think that planks are very easy and not helpful and avoid doing them. But you are wrong. They have proven to be very efficient as they stretch the outer and inner muscles of your legs, hands, buttock’s muscles, and of the body’s back and upper part. They actually perform very similar action as push-ups. They cause the muscles to stretch the same way as to do push-ups; not shorter or wider. The muscles will gain strength from inside.

This exercises start with little time and it increases every day, and you do planks for twenty-eight days. First, it begins with 20 seconds long exercises and it prolongs the time for 240 seconds. By the time you finish, the body will be stronger and be able to endure higher level of difficulties and even the weight of the muscles will be increased.

In this challenge, the basic position is the upright. Level the upper body in a straight position when you lift your toes and elbows. Hold this position straight while breathing deeply with the stomach muscles, head and neck. You will need to make the balance stronger by pushing the muscles from the buttocks, and dividing your body weight between the elbows and legs. After you accomplish this position, you can only to achieve and pass the goal for the day in this exercise.

1st Day-20 Seconds
2nd Day -20 Seconds
3rd Day -- 30 Seconds
4th Day -- 30 Seconds
5th Day -40 Seconds
6th Day -RELAX
7th Day -45 Seconds
8th Day -45 Seconds
9th Day 60 Seconds
10th Day -60 Seconds
11th Day -60 Seconds
12th Day -- 90 Seconds
13th Day -- RELAX
14th Day -90 Seconds
15th Day -90 Seconds
16th Day -- 120 Seconds
17th Day -120 Seconds
18th Day -150 Seconds
19th Day -- RELAX
20th Day -- 150 Seconds
21st Day -150 Seconds
22nd Day -180 Seconds
23rd Day -180 Seconds
24th Day -- 210 Seconds
25th Day -RELAX
26th Day -210 Seconds
27th Day -240 Seconds
28th Day -- as longer as you can

The first day you do planks you will actually notice that they are very hard exercises. If you cannot do this exercise, maybe because it is too hard, or you want to perform other exercises to stretch another body, you can choose another type of exercises for you. You can also try with squats or crunches instead of planks.

Source: healthylifestar.com