18 Foods to Clear Your Arteries and Protect You from Heart Attacks

Heart disease is the most lethal disease according to statistics. Heart attack or stroke can be a result of clogged arteries because they limit the blood to circulate normally through the body. There are many factors that can lead to heart attack but the most common factors are unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and stress.

Improving your diet can help with this problem and if you want your arteries to be clean and to lower the risk of heart diseases your should consume healthier food. Here is a list of food which is healthy for the heart:


Cheese is commonly known as food high in cholesterol and most people avoid it because of this, but if you consume cheese in moderate amounts it can actually lower the blood pressure and reduce the level of cholesterol.

2.Green Tea

Green tea contains catechins which can boost your energy and it has calming effect. The antioxidants from the tea can lower your cholesterol levels and speed up your metabolism. For best results it is recommended to consume one or two cups of green tea every day.


Broccoli is very rich in vitamin K it can prevent building up of calcium in the arteries. It also has the ability to regulate blood pressure and also regulate healthy cholesterol levels. Broccoli is also very rich in nutrients and if you incorporate it in any meal it will provide you with all the needed nutrients, or you can also eat broccoli as a snack.


Turmeric is very healthy and beneficial because of its content of curcumin which is an active compound and has many healing properties. It is very good for treating inflammation and it can also prevent overactive fat storage. You can prepare turmeric tea or incorporate it in many different meals.

5.Whole grain

Whole grain contains a lot of fiber and it regulates the levels of cholesterol because it has the ability to attach to cholesterol and keep it from building up in the arteries. Whole grain can also break down the cholesterol in the body.


Pomegranate is also very good for the circulation of blood because it is rich in phytochemicals which encourages the production of nitric oxide, and nitric oxide regulates blood circulation. Pomegranate can be drank as juice or incorporated in many salads.

7.Orange juice

Orange juice is very rich with antioxidants which have the ability to lower high blood pressure and improve the health of the blood vessels. Orange juice is full with nutrients and it is recommended to consume 2 glasses of fresh arrange juice a day to supply your body with the needed daily amount of minerals, vitamins and especially vitamin C.


Watermelon is very healthy fruit and it promotes the production of nitric oxide and expands the blood vessels. Watermelon is full with nutrients that our body needs and it is the perfect fruit to cool you off in the hot, summer days.


Coffee has proven to have a positive effect on the heart, and it even lowers the risk of heart attack for 20% with drinking two to four cups of coffee daily. But too much caffeine can lead to other health issues like stomach pains.


Salmon is a very healthy meal and it can hinder inflammation, cholesterol and triglyceride because of its content full with healthy fatty acids. Every fish is a healthy dish especially mackerel, herring and tuna.

11.Olive oil

Olive oil has been consumed for centuries by Italian and Greek people and it is their best ingredient that promotes health. Cold pressed olive oil contains a lot of healthy fats which can lower the levels of cholesterol. Due to this it can even lower the risk of heart attack for even 41%.


Asparagus is maybe the best natural ingredient that can help you to reduce the high levels of cholesterol. Asparagus even has the ability to hinder clogged veins and helps with inflammation. Asparagus can be combined in many different dishes, so you can prepare it as a snack, side dish or as a main dish.


Spinach is well known for its ability to strengthen the muscles and it also is very efficient in regulating high blood pressure and cleaning the arteries. Spinach is full with large amounts of folic acid and potassium, and although it loses a huge amount of the nutrients while it is cooked, it still has plenty of them left and enough to improve the health of the muscle tissue and prevent heart attacks.


Seaweed contains numerous nutrients like proteins, carotenoids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and many more. Seaweed has many beneficial properties like maintaining normal levels of blood pressure, regulating blood circulation, and extending the blood vessels. Seaweed can lower the level of cholesterol by 15% if you consume it every day.


Avocado is a very healthy and beneficial fruit and it has many healing properties. Avocado contains healthy fats which have the ability to maintain normal levels of bad and good cholesterol and cleansing the arteries. Avocado can be consumed as juice, in a salad or as a bread spread.


Cranberries contain high amount of potassium and due to this they have the ability to lower the bad cholesterol and increase the level of good cholesterol. If you consume two glasses of cranberry juice every day you can lower the risk of heart attack for 40%.

17.Persimmon fruit

Persimmon fruit contains a lot of fiber and sterols which are very beneficial and lower the levels of bad cholesterol. You can combine persimmon fruit with salads and cereals.


Nuts contain high amount of omega 3 fats and unsaturated fats which are highly beneficial for the cholesterol, joints and the memory. Healthy fats are contained in high amounts in walnuts and almonds and so they are recommended to be consumed every day.