12 Brands of Bottled Water That Are Full of TOXIC Fluoride!

Avoid these 12 brands of bottles water because they contain toxic fluoride
Fluoride has been considered lately to be extremely toxic and that it can damage our health. Consuming a lot of fluoride can cause some negative side effects on our health, and the water contains too much fluoride, but the question is do we know the real effects of fluoride?

It has been debated for a long time about the effect of fluoride whether it is positive or negative effect, but newest studies confirm that fluoride is not good for our health. A lot of fluoride intake can lead to neurotoxicity with grownups and can interrupt the memory, the process of learning and cause some damage to the brain.

Results from 27 studies were merged at Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University in Shenyang and discovered a proof that the cognitive development can be damaged in children by fluoride. Also thyroid problems were linked with fluoride in a study which was published in the Journal of Epidemiological & Community Health. These problems are also connected with obesity and depression.

This study revealed that hypothyroidism is a serious medical condition and it is related with many factors like iodine deficiency and also another major contributor is the fluoride. These results opened many discussions about the community fluoridation and is that really a measure for preserving public health and safety.

In the United States the consequences of water fluoridation are widespread due to the fact that about 70% of the water is fluoridated. Even though there is no actual proof of this, fluoride was considered to prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride can also have negative side effects on the bones, the thyroid function, damage the pineal gland, damage the function of the brain and it is also very harmful for oral health.
So try to drink water with no fluoride content and here is a list of bottled water brands linked with fluoride:

Belmont Springs
Crystal Rock
Crystal Springs
Deer Park
Diamond Springs
Ice Mountain
Mount Olympus
Poland Spring
Sierra Springs

Brands of bottled water that are fluoride safe are:

Arbor Springs
Aquafina Water
Aqua Pure
Black Berry Farms
Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
Century Springs
Clear Mountain Spring Water
Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water
Deja Blue
Flowing Springs
Fresh Market
Glacier Bay
Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
Mountain Valley Spring Water
Oasis Pure Drinking Water
Polaris Water
Smart Water
Whole Foods 365

Source: www.organicandhealthy.org