10 Reasons Why you Should Eat An Entire Avocado Every Day

Avocados are famous because of their unique, creamy and delicious taste, but that is not the only reason, they are also one of the most beneficial fruits. It is good to have an apple every day, but after you find out about the health benefits that this green fruit can provide for you, you might replace the apple with it.

What Can the Avocados Do for You?

1. Blood Pressure

The avocados contain huge amounts of potassium, therefore being able to regulate our blood pressure. You can relieve from the tension in your blood walls, and get rid of the excess sodium with the presence of the potassium in the avocados. Therefore lowering your blood pressure.

2. Weight Loss

By adding an avocado to your lunch, not only that you will enrich the taste of your meal, but you will also lose some weight. Some of the latest studies have proven that 1/2 an avocado can create a feeling of fullness and satiety for about 5 hours. This will help you prevent from food cravings and having snacks between meals.

3. Cholesterol Levels

Since the avocados are a rich source of healthy fats, they have the ability to maintain our levels of good cholesterol. And recent studies have proven that the avocados are reducing the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL).

4. Eye Health

One of the most important ingredients are contained in the avocados, the zeaxanthin and lutein. Both of these ingredients are carotenoids which are highly needed for our vision and eye health. The avocados are the only plant that contains these ingredients in larger amounts. So, with the consumption of avocados you can improve your eye health, fight against eye dysfunction and blindness.

5. Pregnancy

During the pregnancy, avocados are good for both the baby and the mother. The fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. folate, potassium and vitamin B6. And the avocado will supply the mother and the growing baby with these vitamins and minerals. Also this fruit will alleviate the morning sickness.

6. Prevents Diabetes

This fruit is very beneficial and helpful, especially for those who are dealing with diabetes. According to researches, diabetics who consumed an avocado on daily basis, evened out their blood glucose and insulin levels pretty significantly.

7. Nutrient Rich

It is very hard to supply your body with all the needed nutrients, even if you are on a well balanced and nutrient rich diet. But the avocados are here to help, because in a single serving of avocado, there are contained more than 20 minerals and vitamins. And that single serving can provide some the following daily values that are recommended: 30% of folate, 21% of potassium, 39% of vitamin K, and 25% of vitamin C.

8. Bone Health

As we already mentioned above, the avocados contain huge amounts of vitamin K. Even though that when it comes to bone health, the most important vitamin and mineral are the vitamin D and calcium, the vitamin K is also highly important for our bone health. Because this vitamin is improving the ability of our body to absorb calcium.

9. Healthy Fats

Even though that the “fat” would never sound like something you want or need, the presence of healthy fats in our body is highly needed. And this fruit has these healthy fats in huge amounts. With these fats you can decrease the risk of heart attacks, reduce your cholesterol levels, and decrease the risk of strokes as well.

10. Absorption of Nutrients

It is important to supply our body with nutrients and consume them, but it is equally important for our body to be able to absorb them. Because if our body is not able to absorb them, they will slip through our digestive tract. Consuming an avocado o daily basis along with salsa or salad will help you absorb some essential carotenoids like lycopene, lutein, alpha and beta carotene.

Eat Green!

All the hype about the avocado fruit is not for nothing, it can be added into almost every meal and every recipe as well. You can add them sliced on your morning toast, you can add their creamy texture to your smoothie, or prepare a crispy saladfor lunch, or even prepare a tipping for grilled chicken with it. It depends on your creation and imagination.

Source: healthy-holistic-living.com