10 Foods & Supplements That Reverse Liver Disease

Two distinct factors can lead to fatty liver disease. Alcoholics can develop liver disease from alcohol as the main reason. It means that when too much alcohol is inside the blood, it leaves too much load on the liver because the blood cannot break down the alcohol.

And the other reason of fatty liver disease-the nonalcoholic one is the most frequent disease in the West. This disease is most common for middle-aged people and obese people. It appears due to excessive accumulation of fats in the liver.

The symptoms of liver disease do not appear at first. There are many symptoms that show liver disease like bruises, dark or dry patches on the skin of the neck or underarms, dark urine, nausea, appetite loss, sudden weight loss, and fatigue.

So you need to take some actions and lead a healthier lifestyle in order to reverse the damage and also improve the function of the liver.

These are the top 10 foods and supplements that are extremely beneficial in case of liver disease:

1. Ginger

Ginger root is rich in fiber which is highly beneficial for the digestive tract and it has the power to detoxify the body. Ginger also contains antioxidants which improve the immunity and protect the body from many diseases and infections.

Take some water or green tea and put a couple of ginger slices in it and boil it. Ginger can also be put in your smoothie, salad or stir-fry.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric is full with a lot of health benefits. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can be helpful with digestive problems and also reduce inflammation. Turmeric also has the power to enhance the cleansing function of the liver.

3. Dandelion root

Dandelion is also highly beneficial because it has the power to improve the flow of bile in the body and it is very helpful for the gastrointestinal tract. Dandelion root is also highly abundant with minerals and vitamins which are essential for the proper function of the liver. You should definitely prepare a cup of dandelion stems.

They are rich in vitamin C which actually enhances the absorption of minerals and treats inflammation.

4. Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables have the power to reverse the damage of the liver due to their rich content of nutrients. You should juice up the vegetables in order to aid the body to get all the needed nutrients. You should definitely consume broccoli, celery, beets, cabbage and kale. And also turmeric, ginger and lemon can be added to the juiced vegetables to improve their taste and make them more powerful.

5. Liver

It is recommended to consume meat from cattle which fed with grass and is healthy. It is full with minerals and vitamins. The liver is full with zinc, copper, iron, folic acid and vitamins A and B. Many nutritionists state that the liver contains the highest amount of nutrients from all food.

6. Bananas

Bananas are very rich in potassium. So it is recommended to consume more bananas in order to clean your liver in a natural way and also increase the level of potassium in the body. Bananas also have the power to improve digestion and also help the elimination of toxins.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet bananas are also very powerful in cleaning the lover to their rich content of potassium. Just one sweet potato contains more than 700 milligrams potassium.

Sweet potato is also abundant in Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, iron and magnesium. They also offer powerful anti-inflammatory properties which are highly beneficial in cleaning fatty liver.

8. Milk thistle

Milk thistle is considered to be the most powerful natural detoxifies. It has the power to eliminate the dangerous toxins and also repair the liver cells. Many studies have shown that it is very helpful for people who suffer from liver failure.

9. Black seed oil

Black seed oil is also very beneficial in case of liver problems. It has the power to treat the fatty liver disease and also hinder more damage to it. It is also very powerful in speeding up the process of healing.

10. Vitamin E

Improve your overall health just by increasing the levels of vitamin E in the body with some supplements. This can improve your health condition and also change your life. It is very important vitamin for people who have nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant properties and it can improve your immune system and also reduce the inflammation.

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