10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

People who want to lose weight often start running because they think that this is the way to burn the fattest. It is also very beneficial for the heart, and it makes the heart to pump more blood, besides being very efficient in burning calories. But on the other side, it has a big disadvantage, because it causes a lot of tension in the feet, thighs and the knees. You can do any other exercise instead of running because running can only burn 10 calories per minute and there are some exercises that can burn more.

So we have prepared a list of ten more efficient exercises for burning calories. These exercises can help you get, fit and lose the excess weight.

1.Kettlebell swing

Kettlebell swing is a very simple and easy exercise to perform. This exercise does not last long. You can do it in a couple of minutes and it has proven to be very efficient in burning fat as it burns 20 calories in one minute. And the kettlebell swing does not require previous experience and condition to be performed well and efficiently.

2.Bike Sprints

Bike sprints are perfect for people who haven’t been exercising regularly and for beginners, and they are extremely efficient. For optimal results you have to be pedal as quickly as you can in the first minute and then reduce speed for the next 2 minutes. You can change the speed every couple of minutes.

3.Jumping rope

Jumping rope has always been very popular with kids, because it is very amusing and it is also a very efficient exercise for the muscles. For example, if you perform 100 jumps in a minute, you will be burning 13 calories per minute. Besides jumping rope has more effects on the different parts and involves more muscles.

4.Battling ropes

Replace the running with battling ropes and you will burn more calories. Battling ropes has shown to be the greatest exercise for total use of oxygen as it was studied together with other exercises.

5.Indoor rowing

Indoor rowing is another very efficient exercise for burning calories. With this exercise, you can burn about 12-13 calories per minute. And also the muscles in the shoulders and arms will be tighter.

6.Cross fit exercises

You can incorporate many separate exercises from easy to more difficult ones. But the exact order is not very important for this cross-fit workout routine. For optimal results, it is best to combine three exercises that affect and stretch different muscles.


You can burn even 4 calories in one minute if you do about 10 burpees. It has many other benefits and it has shown that it is extremely efficient; it can help you burn fatter and even improve your metabolism.

8.Fat tire biking

For this exercise, you will need a bike with fat tires, and the goal is to manage to control this bicycle because it is much heavier and more difficult that the normal bicycle. With this exercise, you can burn 25 calories in one minute or total of 1,500 calories in an hour. It is twice the amount of burnt calories as compared to running and there is no tension on the knees.

9.Jump squats

Jump squats are a very easy exercise to do and they are also very efficient, because doing this you will burn about 42 calories in one minute.

10.Cross country skiing

You can also replace running with this exercise as it is more efficient in burning calories. While doing cross-country skiing, the speed is the same as the runners, but the burnt calories are much more.

It is also recommended to combine exercises that involve and stretch different muscles. After exercise, it is essential to leave your muscles to regain their strength before doing anything else.

Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com