1 Dead, 11 More Hospitalized In Listeria Outbreak Linked To Dole Salads

Dole packaged salad has been the reason for hospitalizing of twelve people and 1 death in a Listeria outbreak.

The six-state outbreak from September 2015 is undergoing and investigation announced the official from the CDC. But the question is why they had waited so long to declare this now? If another brand like Chipotle was concerned, they surely wouldn’t have waited so long.

Now the customers are warned not to consume these salads from the list below, but if this was known from before why weren’t the people notified? They have never previously mentioned this anywhere, and no one was aware of what was happening.

Now it was announced by CDC that Dole packaged salads were related to listeria appearance, which resulted in hospitalizing dozen of people from six different states and also one death. This Dole salad was packed in Sringfied, Ohio and the states where people got sick were from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Massachusetts and Indiana, and among the sick people there was a pregnant woman and a three-year-old child.

It seemed like they have waited with the announcement for when Public Health Agency of Canada stated that there was also an appearance of listeria in five different provinces and seven people were sickened. It is thought that these two cases are related with each other, but the lab results are still not final.

The company Dole Food Co. withdrew the salads that have been linked to the listeria outbreak in three Canadian provinces and 23 states. The website for Food and Drug Administrations stated that Dole packaged salads, especially the one with ‘A’ code on it should not be consumed.

And also the Dole Food Co. announced that they stopped the production at the processing facility in Springfield.

Food Safety News published an article about this, saying that listeria can be a very serious even lethal disease. And there are many severe symptoms of listeriosis like occasional diarrhea, nausea, muscle pain, stiffed neck, severe headache, high fever and many other gastrointestinal problems. Adults with weakened immune system, older people, newborn babies and pregnant women are the weakest group of people and the primarily affected ones. The period of incubation can last for about two to three weeks, but it can also last for 70 days. So they advise the people who notice these symptoms or have eaten the Dole packaged salad to consult a doctor immediately.

Letter ‘A’ can be found at the beginning of the code of these salads. But the bad news is that these pre-packaged salads are also sold under different names besides Dole brand and they are:

  • Simple Truth
  • The Little Salad Bar
  • Fresh Selections
  • President’s Choice
  • Marketside

Investigation showed that these packages of salad contained listeria and it was ‘’highly related genetically’’ to the one that was found in the people who got sick. Check the list of companies above and if you have purchased any salad or greens from them, also read the manufacturing code.

Here is a list of countries where the Dole Food Co. sells its products:

  1. Alabama
  2. Connecticut
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. Illinois
  6. Indiana
  7. Kentucky
  8. Louisiana
  9. Michigan
  10. Massachusetts
  11. Maryland
  12. Minnesota
  13. Missouri
  14. Mississippi
  15. North Carolina
  16. New Jersey
  17. New York
  18. Ohio
  19. Pennsylvania
  20. South Carolina
  21. Tennessee
  22. Virginia
  23. Wisconsin
  24. Ontario
  25. New Brunswick
  26. Quebec

Buying already prepared salad is commonly used and saves the time instead of preparing it at home, but on the other hand, we have no idea in what conditions is the salad packed and who had contact with it. So in this case it is a better solution and much safer to buy from local stores and local farmers market. This is one more reason for you to ‘’shop small’’.

We sympathize with those who got sick and their families. But we expect this not to happen again, or at least to be notified much sooner.

Source: www.healthnutnews.com
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